First year Student reports to University in style.

A first year student joining the University of Nairobi’s Kikuyu Campus on the 10th of September, 2018, caused a stir. The student reported in the company of his father; giving him a hand as they pushed the bicycle carrying his stuff to college and the mother just behind them.

The unnamed first year student from Kimilili was seen pushing a bicycle carrying a heavy load of his personal effects. Other students and parents from urban areas were left mouths agape as they watched in disbelief. Unperturbed by the curious stares from the onlookers, the student and his parents pushed through with their business. And now the Kimilili Member of Parliament, Hon Didmus Barasa, is looking for the student to offer a scholarship after the picture went viral.

Research shows that most unexposed students greatly change behaviours once they get campus life. Most become habitual drunkards and smokers as most ladies indulge in immoral activities. Cases of ladies absconding classes and exams to have ‘quality’ time with old men christened ‘Sponsors’ are on the rise with the recent one being that of Sharon Otieno.

Online readers had this to say:

@Kelie wrote: And soon the guy will forget and start the college life. Alcohol and sex

@Francis wrote: And soon the guy will forget and start the college life. Alcohol and sex

@Plabs said: May God guide him and bless his parents, some parents don’t even care whether you are in school or not or who paid ur highschool fees, they only care about side dishes n alcohol

@Liz Jewell: I hope he will concentrate with his studies avoid corrupt groups ad make hs parents proud

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