Details: All set for this year’s national examinations.

All materials for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, examination materials have arrived safely in various examination centers across the country; ahead of the KCPE exams that are set for tomorrow, Tuesday October 30.

Education Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Amina Mohammed and Principal Secretary, Dr. Belio Kipsang, led other officials in selected exam centres to supervise rehearsals, that were carried out in various centres country wide, for the over one million KCPE candidates.

The KCPE examination candidates went through rehearsals, this morning, in which the Supervisors and invigilators confirmed the candidates’ details. They checked the candidates’ photos in an exercise designed to weed out impersonators.

The sitting arrangement were confirmed and adjusted to at least 1.22 meters; between the candidates. The lockers and desks were also checked and thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any foreign writings.

The tests begin tomorrow, whereby the candidates are expected to write the Mathematics and English language tests in the morning before writing English composition in the afternoon.

While touring Primary schools in Nairobi to witness the KCPE rehearsals, Education Cabinet Secretary Amb. Amina Mohammed said all plans have been laid to ensure an incident free examination process happens, this year. “We wanted to see whether the supervisors and school managers are present and wish the candidates success as we encourage them,” CS Amina said.
She was accompanied by Education Principal Secretary, Dr. Belio Kipsang. Amina said some primary schools in Nairobi have been merged into one examination centre.

She further said: “no child will be left behind as they prepare the examinations. Facilities remain key for each candidate.I have visited various exam centres including; Joseph Kangethe- has 119 candidates. Hosting candidates from Makina Self(36),Makina Baptist (41)and Friends Ngina (08) totalling to 204 candidates.
Kibera Primary has 321 candidates and is hosting Students from St. Juliet (81), Love Africa (26) Anwa (54) and Kisumu Dogo(46) totalling to 528 candidates.”

Olympic Primary which has 626 candidates shall be hosting St. Stephen (40), Woodley Nazarene(35) and Palm Olive (36) to come up with a total 737 candidates.


✅A special team of 20 individuals, including officers from the National Intelligence Service (NIS), has been set up to crack down on exam cheats.
✅400 containers storing exam papers have been dispatched to all parts of the country. The containers shall be used to store examination materials.
✅More than 70,000 security personnel have deployed to all exam centres across the country to provide security during the examination administration process.
✅Close to 1.6 million candidates; 1,060,703 for KCPE and 631,750 for KCSE will be sitting their class eight and form four exams this year.
✅For KCPE, 531,548 boys shall be sitting for the tests; nd there shall be 529,155 girls.
✅There are 27,161 exam centres.
✅65,107 invigilators and 27,354 Supervisors shall be Manning the National Examinations across the various exam centres, countrywide.
✅5 helicopters have been put standby to respond to any emergencies during the examination administration period.
✅A total of Kshs. 240 million shall be spent in administration of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, exams this year.
✅Centre managers shall be paid a daily transport reimbursement of Kshs. 500 while, Supervisors shall receive Kshs. 650 per day during the days worked in administration of tge National Examinations.
✅The candidates shall sit at a distance of 1.22 metres to discourage collusion during the exams.
✅The KCPE exams shall run for 3 days, starting tomorrow. The KCSE exams are already underway with execution of practicals for some candidates.


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