Your silence when teachers are maimed by their students is Sickening- KUPPET leader tells TSC, Education Ministry


Come to think of this.. A teacher is hacked to death by his own students; the ones he endeavors to help garner a bright future! This, to the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is just a normal happening! This has irked Union Leaders who feel there is a disconnect between the teachers and their employer; the TSC. See the reaction below;

“In August 2018, a teacher Mr. Manase Ong’ole was killed by three students on his way home. The other day, another teacher Peter Omare was killed by students, because a student had a phone in school . Very few people talk about it, authorities seem disinterested. A few months ago, another teacher was murdered by students in Kisumu but again the silence was deafening.
If the same students who killed a teacher were punished for having the phone in school, by the same teacher, It would be big news by now. The teacher would be having his interdiction letter by now and would probably be in police cells for all sorts of accusations, the education officials and human rights activists would have loudly condemned the teacher and possibly visited the school to issue several threats but they are all silent yet a life is lost. A life of a Kenyan who was discharging his mandate professionally and dutifully. Life of a teacher, a son, a husband, a father, a friend, a breadwinner.
The rising cases of teachers being killed by students should be a cause for worry to all and should not only be condemned but also addressed firmly. This is a serious red flag on our social fabric as a nation. How many more teachers will be killed by the very students they are tasked to nurture before it captures the authorities eyes? I appeal to the government to address this new trend firmly.”

By Laban Ouko Bosire.

The writer is a Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers, KUPPET, Chair in Kisii County.



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