Wonderland of Betting: 3 Best Bookmakers for Kenyan Punters

A growing popularity of online betting affects all countries in the world apart from those where the activity is strictly prohibited. The African continent isn’t an exception, so there are many bookmakers, and new ones emerge all the time. There is also plenty of information on wagering, including the texts that target punters that live in African countries. For example, you can check out this website: https://bet-guide.ke/. But we won’t focus on the wagering process itself. Instead, our article aims to analyze the prospects of betting in Kenya and take a close look at the existing bookmakers in the country. In this text, we will describe in great detail what we consider to be the three best betting platforms for Kenyan players.


Betika is among the largest betting websites in Kenya. The platform originated and is based in that country, so, of course, it has a valid local license. The website features enough capabilities to attract players. In the paragraphs below, let’s check out everything that Betika can offer.

Betika’s Features

The service is a versatile, universal wagering platform with the aim of providing everything a punter might want. There’s a sizable and long list of sports to bet on, casino features, as well as several wagering markets that will meet the needs of the majority of punters. Moreover, the platform offers a usable mobile application for both iOS and Android. If you don’t want to install it, you can use the mobile version of the website, which is also full of features and has a nice UI.

Betika’s Pros and Cons

Betika has enough reasons to use it, but it’s not without its drawbacks. We won’t describe all of them in detail. Instead, we will provide a table that will show everything about the platform’s advantages and disadvantages in a demonstrative manner.

Pros Cons
✅ Many sports to wager on ❌ The website looks a bit outdated
✅ Casino options and virtuals ❌ Could have more payment options
✅ Easy to use and navigate
✅ Mobile apps for iOS and Android
✅ Functional mobile website
✅ Holds a valid Kenyan license

As you can see, the number of pros clearly outweighs the drawbacks. This means that Betika is a solid choice for all purposes, even though there are some limitations.

Why Betika for Kenyan Punters?

Now let’s look at the reasons why Betika will be a good platform for the players who reside in Kenya. There are plenty of them, so here’s a list of them to make matters clear:

  • It’s a Kenyan company. Yes, it was established in the country, features a national betting and gambling license, and has headquarters and offices in the country. This means that it’s well integrated into all local services. Moreover, this also means that you can take your complaints directly to their office.
  • It has all of the sports that Kenyan punters love. Especially with football, there’s a long list of options and markets.
  • It supports local currency and payment methods. This point is similar to the first one: being a Kenya-based platform, Betika works with local banks and payment methods. 


BetWay is another large and international platform that works in Kenya. Similarly to Betika, it aims to be an all-around solution to attract all kinds of gamblers and punters. And there’s definitely a lot it can offer. Check out more information in the paragraphs below. 

BetWay Features

As we’ve already mentioned, this platform is packed with features that will satisfy even the most demanding gamblers. Although the corners were cut in some aspects, For example, the website lacks casino options. There’s good news, too: there are mobile apps for both iOS and Android. And if you don’t want to install those, you can use a well-made mobile application.

BetWay Pros and Cons

We can praise the platform all we want, but it has its disadvantages too. Let’s take a look at them, as well as at the website’s strong points.

Pros Cons
✅ The website is easy to navigate ❌ No casino options
✅ Enough sports to wager on
✅ The mobile version is very capable
✅ Versatile betting markets


As you can see, the website has enough strong points and weak moments alike. We still think that the goods matter more in the case of this platform.

Why BetWay for Kenyan Punters?

There are several reasons for that. First, the platform has a locally issued registration and operates in the country on a fully legal basis. Secondly, there’s a dedicated version of the website for Kenyan users: betway.co.ke. And the final point is that it supports local payment methods: AirTel Money and M-Pesa. Both solutions are widely used across the country, so almost every local punter likely already has an account. So there’s not much to learn and install after joining the platform if you’re a resident of Kenya.


Our article wouldn’t be complete without this platform. BetKing is a well-established bookmaker that’s actively used in Kenya and other African countries. Similarly to the two others, it aims to provide everything a punter might need. Let’s review its main features in the paragraphs below.

BetKing Features

BetKing might lack some crucial things, such as mobile applications, which is a bit surprising from the well-known platform that has been on the market for a long, but it compensates for it in other aspects. There are plenty of sports to bet on, and wagering options are quite good. There are also additional features, such as in-play wagering and cash out. Even though you can’t access the platform from smartphone applications, since there aren’t any, there’s a mobile website with a nice UI that makes using the platform even more enjoyable. It also has all of the features you might need.

And if you ever get tired of betting, BetKing provides enough casino options. They include common slots, like blackjack and roulette variations, as well as less popular games.

BetKing Pros and Cons

Now it’s time to review both positives and negatives of the platform. We think that the strong moments are by far more important in this case, but check it out yourself.

Pros Cons
✅ Enough disciplines to place your wagers on ❌ No apps
✅ Versatile casino options ❌ Outdated desktop website design
✅ Many payment methods for Kenyan punters
✅ Good-looking and fully functional mobile website
✅ Easy to navigate


Why Go for BetKing if You’re a Kenyan Punter?

BetKing is the platform that targets Kenyan players first and foremost, so it’s not a surprise that there are reasons to choose the website if you’re a punter or gambler residing in the country. Let’s review them. 

  • Local registration. While BetKing is a Nigeria-based platform, it works in other African countries. In Kenya, it has a local registration issued by a national betting and gambling entity. This means that the platform operates in the country on a fully legal basis and has to meet specific requirements to receive it.
  • Support for local payment methods. This makes the website an accessible solution if you want to move your funds.


Kenyans love sports and betting on them, so it doesn’t surprise us that the country is home to many bookies of various levels of quality, reliability, and functionality. Our article covered three of them that we consider the best ones for local punters: Betika, BetWay, and BetKing. All these platforms are great fits for every Kenyan punter who wants to get a full betting experience. 

In our article, we provided quick overviews of each bookmaker and cited the reasons to use them if you live specifically in Kenya. We also listed their main pros and cons, providing everything you need to know in a demonstrative manner. We hope that the text will be of help or at least provide some interesting information about these platforms.