• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
    New Salary Scales for Teachers after TSC implemented the final phase of the CBA.

    The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has responded to a case the case of a female teacher whose story came to the limelight on Monday. The teacher was recruited by TSC but was yet to receive her posting letter. She then decided to make the long journey to the TSC headquarters in Nairobi so that her case could be solved.

    Here is the communique by the TSC Head of Corporate Affairs, Beatrice Wababu;


    “The attention of the Commission is drawn to some social media reports about the status of teacher Lydia Ireri’s job. Lydia was recruited as a teacher by the Commission early this year. Unfortunately, her posting letter, along with those of other teachers recruited at the same time, could not be dispatched due to the disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

    The process of a new teacher reporting in a school requires the physical presence of the teacher himself or herself and the receiving head teacher. The coronavirus pandemic has made this impossible over the last five months that schools have been closed. Indeed, our headquarters and field officers have been relaying this information to teachers when they inquire.

    We look forward to issuing all pending postings letters once we overcome the Coronavirus pandemic and it is safe to reopen schools. We regret that Lydia had to travel to Nairobi today.”

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