1. Agnes Naswa wamalwA tsc no.498755 why is tsc remitting my money to Higher Education loan Board without my sanction yet l have never learned with their support please my money back from 2019 March up to date and immediate stoppage.

  2. I didn’t access Higher loan BOARD through out my learning process but TSC is remitting my money to theml please my money to be back and immediate stoppage to be done.

  3. Why is it impossible to stop illegal deductions? eg the defuct MITECO SACCO, Amedo, Credit Africa, Credit Trades etc. TSC please hear the voice of the wicked, these people have been stealing from us for over 20yrs!

  4. Rather than TSC enforcing TPD course on teachers thr’ universities, they should make it a voluntary scheme & the only path to future promotions. Believe it or not, within a span of 5yrs 99.5 of teachers would have completed all the modules.

  5. My name is Agnes Chepkoech Masit,TSC no 674846,I have been in hardship zone,at Narok west,Nkorkorri primary Narok county for five months but have not received hardship allowance, please help.

  6. Look at this deductions; Credit Africa-50, Credit Traders-353, Amedo-355.These deductions have been running for 13yrs & they are to run for the next 12yrs! This is senseless, annoying & misplaced. Human Resource Division do something.

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