Tips on how to protect your bank account, money, from theft by hackers, crackers

Kenyan currency, notes
Kenyan currency, notes

Online banking services have become a hit with advancement in computer technology. There is a drastic shift from the traditional over the counter banking services. But, online banking has posed security risks from cyber crimes. Thus, one needs to be extra vigilant with Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), Passwords and financial information.

These are some of the tips to protect your finances, as per the Kenya Banking Association:

1. Ensure that your bank has issued to you an EMV- compliant “Chip and Pin” payment card.

2. Avoid saving your personal identification Numbers (PIN) and passwords on your phone or keeping these details in your wallet or purse.

3. Do not give out your PIN or password to anyone, including merchants, relatives and friends.

4. Only enter your PIN when prompted to do so. Cover the keypad with your palm while keying in your PIN.

5. If the, Auto Teller Machine, ATM retains your card, do not leave the site without notifying your bank. Never accept help from a stranger; call your bank.

6. Only provide your bank account details to facilitate transactions that you have authorized.

7. When transacting online, always ensure that you log on via secure internet connection. Check the website you have accessed is also secure (Look for a padlock).


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