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The 2019 Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association, KESSHA, National Conference- What was discussed and resolutions

Photo- Dr Nancy Macharia, TSC CEO, addressing delegates during the 44th National KESSHA Conference at KESRA grounds, Mombasa. She said that the Commission is working with the Ministry of Public Service, IEBC mapping and the National Treasury to ensure that disparities in payment of House Allowance are addressed.

About 8,000 Secondary school heads from across the country congregated at KESRA grounds in Mombasa for their Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) Annual meeting. This 44th Annual meeting was held between 10th and 14th June, 2019 with a number of deliberations in the offing.

At the closure of the meeting, the Principals came up with the following resolutions:

1). All co- curricular funds should be channeled to the school directly.
2). The Ministry of Education, MoE, committed to negotiating a subsidized tariff for schools to manage inflated electricity costs
3). The speed and band width of the National Education Management Information System, NEMIS, portal to be increased.
4). Principals to ensure admission of students to the NEMIS portal are completed at admission, transfer and exit.
5). The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ministry of
interior and coordination of national government to fast track the applications for birth certificates and issuance of the same to ease student registration on NEMIS.
6). Kshs. 6000 for maintenance and improvement should be sourced differently away from capitation.
7). Schools to explore manageable ways of fundraising from middle class parents. No child shall be sent away for failure to contribute.
8). MOE to conduct an infrastructural audit in all public schools to identify infrastructural gaps and prepare a plan of action.
9). The MoE to separate the infrastructure and RMI voteheads and also increase the capitation.
10). The Kshs.22,224 annual capitation per student should be sent directly to schools to allow BOM to exercise its responsibility on budgeting and execution.
11). The Kilemi Mwiria Report be reviewed to accommodate current costs of inflation and economies of scale.
12). TSC to endeavor to increase its budgetary allocation to have more teachers in class.
13). All Principals in public secondary schools are members of KESSHA
13). Once a principal is appointed his/her monthly subscription to KESSHA should be automatically effected.
14). As TSC continues with nationalization policy, it should be done with a human face.
15). Deployment should be commensurate to schools within the same level.
16). TSC to liaise with Universities and colleges to ensure that subjects lacking teachers are taken care of.
17). KESSHA submits that the age of consent for sex should remain at 18 years.
18) Principals to familiarize themselves with the MoE and TSC revised policies.
19). Principals to familiarize themselves with revised disciplinary procedures.
20). KESSHA supports Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) implementation but requests the curriculum designs for the junior secondary to be released.
21). TSC to improve the medical cover for teachers to cover both inpatient and outpatient services.
22). Teachers should be moved to NHIF to get the benefits like other civil servants.



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