The 2019 East Africa School Games updates- Ugandan Secondary schools compete at the ongoing national games; Fixtures and results

Photo- Action in Boys Soccer (U16) at the 2019 Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) National Term two games.

The 2019 Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association, USSSA, national term two games are undergoing at Teso College Aloet. The games will be staged from 6th-14th July, 2019.
Football U16 Boys and Woodball are the new disciplines in the tournament.
Other disciplines are: Netball, Volleyball, Handball, Athletics and Rugby 7s. The games feature 29 Under 16 football School teams from across the country.

USSSA Ball Games 2 Pooling

Football U16- Boys

Group A
Kawempe Royal College
Amus college school
Abu Aisha lslamic
Premier ss
Ngera high school

Group B
Alliance high school
St. Julian high school
Master cares Christian
Jinja ss
Serere Township ss

Group C
St. John’s sss kaugga
Soroti municipal
Irima prefer high school
Panyandoli ss
Kawempe Muslim ss

Group D
St. Henrys college kitovu
Mpooma royal
Tomusange ss
Bageza seed ss

Group E
Teso college
Dynamic ss
Mandela ss
Buddo ss
Dokolo progressive ss

Group F
Union vision ss
Madina lslamic ss
Kako ss
St. Mary’s kitende
Mwera ss

Handball Boys

Group A
Seeta Green
St Cyprian Kyabakadde
Nyabubire ss
Aloet Parents ss
Kiira College Butiki

Group B
Ntale High school
East High Ntinda
St Edwards college Nkokonjeru
Union Vision SS
Jinja College
Busoga College Mwiri

Group C
Mbarara High
Atlas High
St Joseph voc
Gombe SS
Kakira High

Group D
Mbogo Mixed
St Lucia
Seroma Christian
Teso College
Jinja ss
St Mark’s College

Group E
Rines SS
Kyambogo college
Sacret Heart
Bombo Army ss
Kaira ss
Over Champion

Group F
Wampeewo Ntake
Kakungulu Memorial
St Mary’s Lugazi
Ntungamo ss
Nakapiripiti Seed School
Iganga High school.

Volleyball- Boys

Group A
Mbogo Mixed
Kitabi Seminary
Wakiso Muslim
St Peters SS Mugusu
St Peters SS Nalya

Group B
Kigezi College
God Cares
Trinity Catholic school
Kisaasi College

Group C
Iganga Parents
St Gerald ss
Ngora High School
St Steven ss
Dr Obote College

Group D
Masaka SS
Dynamic ss
Wampeewo Ntake
St Josephs ss Nkoni
Mubende Army

Group E
Kinaawa High Kawempe
Kihihi High School
Boston High School
St Andrew
Buziga Islamic

Group F
Lira Town college
St Jeorem
Atlas High Gayaza
St Andrew Kaggwa Kasaala
Lira Ss
Jinja College.

Group G
Ubuntu Hill school
Ntare School
Standard High Zana
Bwera SS
Kibuli SS
Busoga College

Group H
Bugamba SS
Jeresa High School
Bombo SS
Lubiri SS

Group I
Mbarara High
Reheboth Integrated
Our Lady of Good Council
Kijabwami ss
Mengo SS
Jinja ss.

Group J
Iganga Greenfield
Standard high Mbarara
Bishop Marack
Mandela SS
Rock High school

Group K
Namirembe Hillside
St Mary’s Kyamuhumba
Nyero Rock high school
Kakko ss
St Mary’s Namaliga

Group L
Gombe Ss
Namugongo ss
St Balikuddembe
Bishop Agellico ss


Soccer Boys- U16

Match Day 1 ( Sunday 7th July, 2019)

Buddo SS, St. Mary’s Kitende and Bulo Parents stated the U16 competition at a high note at the Teso College in Soroti on Sunday during the matchday 1 fixtures.

Kitende convincingly defeated Soroti SS 2-0, Buddo edged Soroti Municipal by 1-0 while Bulo Parents had the largest win of the day after overpowering Light Academy 4-0. Kako SS from Masaka and Amus College were also among the teams that received maximum points on matchday 1.

Here are the full results from the match day 1 soccer boys under 16 fixtures:

Buddo SS 1-0 Soroti Municipal
Teso College Aloet 1-1 Standard HS Zzana
St. Mary’s Kitende 2-0 Soroti SS
Landon Col Nansana 0-1 Amus College
Irima Pfeiffer SS 0-0 St. Henry’s Kitovu
Panyansoli SS 1-1 Madina Islamic
Luzira SS 0-2 Kako SS
Light Academy 0-4 Bulo SS

Match Day 2 (Monday) Football U16 Results

Alliance HS 5-0 Master Cares HS
Mvara SS 0-1 Buddo SS
Mandela SS 1-4 Landon College
Dynamic SS 1-1 Panyandori SS
Light Academy 0-1 St. Mary’s Kitende
Alliance HS 5-0 Master Cares HS
Mvara SS 0-1 Buddo SS
Mandela SS 1-4 London College
Dynamic SS 1-1 Panyandori SS
Light Academy 0-1 St. Mary’s SS Kitende
Soroti Municipal 1-3 St. Henry’s Kitovu
Kako SS 0-0 Amus College
Madina SS 1-2 Standard HS Zzana
Bulo Parents 2-0 Soroti

Match Day 3 (Tuesday 9 July, 2019)

Football U16 Results Tuesday
Alliance HS 0-0 St. Mary’s Kitende
Master Cares HS 0-2 Bulo Parents
Soroti SS 2-0 Light Academy
Kako SS 2-0 Mandela SS
Amus College 1-0 Luzira SS
St. Henry’s Kitovu 1-0 Buddo SS
Irima HS 1-2 Mvara SS
Standard HS Zzana 1-0 Dynamic SS
Teso College 4-1 Madina Islamic

Collated Netball results

Sunday 7th July, Match Day 1

Kitende 31:11 Mbarara
Dr. Aporu 11: 29 City Land
Katera 29: 11 Fountain
St. Jerome 12: 14 Kasangati
Victoria Col 24: 09 Kyamate
Kisanga 17: 20 Kihanga
Toggo 24: 11 Mbale SS
Lugazi HL 23: 17 Bwera
Masaka 27: 06 Bweranyangi
Baptist HS 25: 13 God Care
Dynamic Jeza 21: 13 Iganga Town View
Rines 18: 17 Ssuka Islamic
Elizabeth 00:60 St. Andrea
London Coll. 32: 04 Nyamitanga

Monday 8th July, Match Day 2 Results

Kibuli SS 49-04 God’s Shepherded
Rocky High 35-12 Topa
Ngando SS 58-09 St Mary’s Lugazi
Kakungulu Memorial 32-13 St. Bernards Kisweera
St. James SS 14-29 Iganga Parents
Buddo SS 31-09 Kibubera SS
Ediofe SS 44-07 St. Margaret
Exodus HS 22-14 Mukono SS
Kitebi SS 13-32 Nile Citizen
Gombe SS 32-08 Aringa

The games enter day 3 on Tuesday morning.

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