• Tue. Jul 9th, 2024

    Teachers, Civil Servants Urged to support 3% Housing Levy

    Jul 6, 2024

    Makueni County Commissioner (CC), Mr. William Kaburu Kaimba, has called upon civil servants in the area to support government policies aimed at bettering living standards of Kenyans.

    Consequently, Kaimba said it was imperative for civil servants to support the government policy on three per cent (3%) for the affordable housing, saying that in the end, they will be the beneficiaries of the programme.

    However, he cautioned civil servants to avoid the divisive politics that politicians are advancing against affordable housing, saying their agenda is different from that of the government.

    “We should be ready to support government policies despite how painful they are. We need to embrace the policies, as in the end we are the beneficiaries,” said Kaimba in a Wote Hotel, Thursday.

    The CC was addressing about 200 civil servants drawn from Makueni and Kathonzweni Sub-counties during a Monitoring and Evaluation exercise on the provision of the Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme for the Financial Year 2022/2023.

    Further the Administrator cautioned civil servants against colluding with health facilities to get money, even when they are not sick, saying this will impact on them and their family negatively.

    “Avoid shortcuts and ensure whatever you do is above suspicion. Don’t go and sign at some health facilities to get money. The insurance cover may not be enough to run through the year for you and family members,” warned Kaimba.

    However, he challenged each civil servant to be good ambassadors of National Insurance Cover in the country, as it is meant to benefit all the people in Kenya.