Teacher on the run after defiling girl and giving her Sh1,000

Teenage pregnancies in Kenya continue to rise; The latest Education News.
Teenage pregnancies in Kenya continue to rise; The latest Education News.

A head teacher in Kisii County is on the run after defiling a form one girl. Mr Innocent Ogega, the head teacher of Bendera Primary school in the County, is said to have defiled the girl (who is also his nephew) on Thursday and then gave her Sh1,000 to remain silent.

According to the girl’s mother, she had gone to sell milk in the morning. On coming back, she noticed that her daughter was missing. A frantic search for the 15-year old girl bore no fruits.

The girl was to re-emerge later in the day and a little interrogation from the mother revealed that she had left to Nyacheki town in the company of the uncle. After the act, he gave her SH1,000 note and pleaded with her not to reveal their secret ‘affair’ to any one. The girl said this was the second time they were indulging in the act.

It is this point the the mother decided to take the girls to the local hospital for check-up; with results confirming that indeed defilement occurred. The incident was reported to Nyacheki police station.

The man, on learning that police were on his trails, has since gone into hiding; with a heavy penalty awaiting him, if found guilty.

This incident comes amid rising concerns over the high number of teen pregnancies; with a sporadic rise during the current covid-19 pandemic.

Irked by the recent cases of teenage pregnancies, President Uhuru Kenyatta last month ordered for a crack-down on all victims. He said Chiefs will be held responsible for all cases of teenage defilement.

“You as the area chief will have to answer, where were you when all this was happening?… People must be disciplined, how do we allow people to go around impregnating young girls, and we do not say anything? We are going to wait for the DNA and those people will pay.” Uhuru said.



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