Schools forcing learners to repeat classes put on spotlight

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The Ministry of Education has sent a strong warning to schools forcing learners to repeat classes. The Ministry says it has noted some schools are forcing ‘weak’ learners to repeat classes against the basic Education Act. “Our attention has been drawn to reports that a number of learners are being forced to repeat. Forced repetition is prohibited under Section 35 of the Basic Education Act,” says Pius Ng’oma, the County Director of Education.

Via a circular dated 16th January, 2019 Mr Ng’oma directs Principals to ensure that all learners are assisted to transit to the next class and complete the learning cycle. This directive comes after some learners reported that they were allegedly ‘forced’ to revise classes.

Ng’oma informs principals that the learners being forced to repeat have already been moved to the next class on the National Education Management Information System, NEMIS. As a result, such learners would be expected to be in their correct forms/ classes. The learners have also been identified as registered by the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC.

“Further, take note that learners in Standard eight and form 4 have already been captured as registered candidates by KNEC and if they do not appear, they will be treated as missing candidates,” warns Ng’oma.

The circular is copied to all sub county Directors of Education.



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