Principal directs teachers to avoid using Vernacular in Teaching

A secondary school principal has instructed teachers to stop teaching in vernacular. Gamba SDA mixed Secondary School Principal, Mr. Joseph Omanya, notes that the use of the local dialect undermines Curricular delivery. “This letter is to further instruct you to stop using vernacular in school for this undermines curricular delivery, poor training of students and furtherance of tribal tendencies in a public institution”, says Mr. Omanya via a memo sent to the concerned teacher that is at our disposal.

This memo comes after the said teacher failed to heed verbal ‘warnings’ from the principal. And in a move that may elicit debate on how to handle ‘weak’ learners at school, the principal goes on to say, “it has come to my attention that you routinely use your vernacular (Ekegusii) while doing verbal communication in school, including to the hearing of your students”.

The principal warns of dire consequences if this behaviour ceases. he threatens to report the matter to the teachers’ service Commission.

The letter has been copied to the Chairman Board of Management (BOM), Gamba SDA mixed Secondary school.

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