President kenyatta holds a round-table interview. Insists new curriculum will be rolled out, Borrowing to continue.

President uhuru kenyatta's roundtable interview from State House, Mombasa. The President gave vivid explanations on a myriad of National issues; forming part of his Government's Big 4 Agenda
President uhuru kenyatta's roundtable interview from State House, Mombasa. The President gave vivid explanations on a myriad of National issues; forming part of his Government's Big 4 Agenda

President Uhuru Kenyatta has this evening held a live, televised, roundtable interview from State House, Mombasa. During the interview that lasted for over one hour, President Kenyatta discussed the progress of the Big 4 Agenda, the Building Bridges Initiative and the war against corruption, among other topics.

Here are the main highlights from tonight’s roundtable interview by President Uhuru kenyatta:

  • The President’s take on the War against corruption:

” The war against corruption is on course, the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) and DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) are working towards bringing all culprits to book. It is my hope that the Judiciary will also deliver on it’s mandate. As the executive we have done our part. We have worked to make sure that all departments charged with investigating cases of corruption have all the support. We ask the judiciary to support this fight. It is the Judiciary to tell us now whether someone is guilty or not, that’s their jurisdiction. What we are saying is that Kenyans are tired of seeing cases take years to be resolved. The Judiciary needs to expedite these cases. I am calling upon the Judiciary to play its part, and do it expeditiously. For Kenyans to know the verdict on the cases before them, and to know why and how the verdict was arrived at.
Corruption is a national fight. A fight that belongs to every single citizen of Kenya regardless of gender or tribe. Anybody who desires a better Kenya is part of this fight.
I don’t look at particular office as the most important or least in this fight on corruption. Everybody has a role to play. Let everyone play their part, which will help us build and make a better Republic for the people of Kenya.”

  • The President’s explanation on the contentious housing scheme:

” Majority of Kenyans don’t have an opportunity to own a home. What we are trying to do is to ensure all Kenyans can own a home. We are living in a scenario where as a country, since independence, we have less than 500,000 people who have mortgages. This is why we have this programme to encourage a saving culture .
If we want Kenyans to be home owners we must develop products to enable them to own their own. That is why have the affordable housing programme.
It is not a tax, it is a saving, a contribution that ultimately if you don’t get a house, that money goes back to the individual. What we are saying is your contribution is helping you become a home owner.
What we’re doing is to enable as many Kenyans to move away from rentals and to become home-owners. What we’re trying to do is to encourage a saving instead of spending culture ”

  • President Uhuru’s account on the Universal health Cover (UHC):

” Health is a devolved function. As National Government we have decided to support county governments to roll out Universal Health Coverage (UHC). To achieve this we have joined together with development partners to make UHC a reality.
In implementing UHC, we can’t avoid a bit of try and error. It the Government’s hope that ultimately, we will have an efficient model that is good enough to be replicated in other countries.
There are many families in Kenya that have been devastated by huge medical bills of their relatives and friends. Its the intention of the Government to mitigate such incidences through Universal Health Coverage.
We are piloting UHC in four counties as a trial basis. This pilot will enable us learn great lessons prior to the scale up. We are partnering with Counties, and other stakeholders to implement the Universal Health Coverage program. As the National Government spearheads this, Counties also need to take a lead in ensuring the program succeeds.”

  • The President’s views on the spiraling National Debt and ‘Over borrowing’

” The issue of debt is not about incurring debt, it’s about how you use it. Are you using that debt for development? To expand your GDP? To open up your country? When we talk about debt it must be viewed in comparison with the GDP.
I am confident that Kenya’s debt is for infrastructure development, that will not only benefit the current generation but future generations too. In less than 6 years, since I came into office, we have implemented many projects.
The issue of the take over of Mombasa Port by China is pure propaganda. We are ahead of our payment schedule for the SGR (Standard Gauge Railway) loan and there is no cause of alarm.
People keep asking me why I go to China. China is opening their eyes and meeting Kenya, and indeed the rest of Africa at their point of need. They are offering financial packages which we can afford.

  • President Kenyatta gives an account of the origin of the Handshake, the Building Bridges Initiative, and the 2022 politics:

” If you look at Kenya, we were ahead of other countries in the 60s, but we lost it because of our politics. Every five years our country comes to a standstill, and we start over. We sat with my brother Raila Odinga and agreed we must engage to find out what is ailing our country. We agreed corruption is an issue, as well as issues of exclusion in governance among others. However we must begin by reaching out to Kenyans for lasting solutions. We started discussing with Raila Odinga on a variety of issues that affect Kenyans. And that’s how we came up with the Building Bridges Initiative. We started exploring how we can solve these issues together and on this we shall not stop. I believe I have a partner in Raila Odinga. We will continue to find ways to solve the issues that affect Kenyans, we will not turn back.

We must have a governance system that looks beyond us and onto our grandchildren. This is what Raila Odinga and I are engaged in, not 2022 politics. We are focusing on fixing Kenya for future generations.
At the end of the day, it is about will and desire. Kenyans want peace, prosperity, unity and development. We must focus on developing this country, I am not interested in talking about 2022 politics.

  • The President says all is set for roll out of the new Curriculum. Apologizes on behalf of the Education cabinet Secretary for causing confusion on the implementation of the new Curriculum:

” We want Kenyans to appreciate and understand that the competence based education we are pushing for is to prepare our children for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. We need our children to have the necessary skills for the job market.
I want to personally apologize for the confusion that has been there concerning our new education curriculum. There have been many voices. We will sit and agree on one thing, the way forward. But for now, the curriculum will continue.”


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