Ministry of Education and TSC to Deploy Teachers with Specialized Training to Head Special Schools

ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The Ministry of Education of Education is in the process of profiling heads leading Special schools. This is with the intention of ensuring that only heads with considerable specialized training are appointed to head the special schools. This comes on a back drop of the Ministry’s realization that most teachers appointed to lead the special schools lack requite skills in special needs.

The Ministry of Education is mandated to provide quality education and training that empowers learners with competences they require to participate in relevant Sectors of National Development.

“In the discharge of this core mandate, the Ministry through the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) endeavors to deploy teachers appropriately to head Special schools. The Considerable specialized training includes: Intellectual challenges, Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Hearing impairment, Physical impairment, among other defined educational needs”. Says the Principal Secretary via a Circular written to all County Directors of Education by Mr. Amos Maigong, and copied to the Regional Coordinators of Education (RCEs).

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Deployment of Teachers with Specialized Training

In a move seen to re-deploy the heads without the requisite skills but leading Special schools, the Ministry in collaboration with the TSC will be collecting data for all heads leading special schools. “However, the Ministry has noted that there are cases of teachers whose deployment to head Special schools did not consider their specialized training and that such practice had occasionally led to cases of mismanagement, compromised decision making and ineffective delivery of service to learners with disabilities and special needs”, adds the Permanent Secretary.

The Ministry now directs the County directors of education to liase with the TSC and compile details of all heads of special primary and Secondary Schools per Sub-county and submit the report in soft and hard copy by September 26, 2018, for appropriate action. The suitability of the heads to continue heading such units will then be considered. The TSC embarked on a Re-deployment exercise for heads who have either overstayed or work in their home stations, last year. The move has, however, received resistance from the giant teachers’ Union; the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT).


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