KNUT to collect data for teachers with higher qualifications ahead of Friday’s meeting with TSC

KNUT DSG, Hesbon Otieono (Photo Courtesy)
KNUT DSG, Hesbon Otieono (Photo Courtesy)

The Kenya National union of Teachers, KNUT, has embarked on a process of collecting data for teachers who have submitted their higher qualification certificates to the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, effective 2014 to date. Through a memo sent to all branch executive Secretaries, the KNUT Deputy Secretary General, Hesbon A Otieno, requests the secretaries to compile the data and send it to the National office before Thursday, 18th October, 2018. “You are hereby instructed to urgently furnish this office (KNUT National office) with the above data by Thursday 18th October, 2018,” says Otieno.

The collection of this data is to inform the national office on the exact number of teachers who have attained higher qualifications but are yet to be promoted by the TSC. KNUT has been estimating the numbers of those teachers to be about 30,000. KNUT says it will use the data during the forth coming crunch talks with the TSC. “This is to necessitate our talks with the TSC regarding the issue of ‘Teachers Promotion’ during the meeting scheduled for Friday 19th October, 2018.” Otieno adds in the circular dated October 16, 2018.

Friday’s meeting comes after KNUT and TSC failed to agree on pertinent issues raised by KNUT’s negotiating team. Sonme of the contentious issues are: Promotion of teachers who have attained higher qualifications, Stopping the delocalization and Teachers’ evaluation exercises by the TSC.

The branch executive secretaries are expected to collate the teachers’ data that include; the teacher’s name, TSC Number, Qualifications, Year of Submission (of higher qualifications certificate to the TSC) and the teacher’s KNUT branch name. Teachers with higher qualifications will be hoping to be considered for promotions after Friday’s meeting between the KNUT and TSC in Nairobi.

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  1. […] Teachers with higher qualifications have been waiting in the cold since 2014 when the TSC freezed promotions on attainment of higher qualifications. KNUT projects the numbers of such teachers at about 30,000. On Tuesday, this week, the KNUT Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Hesbon Otieno, issued a memo to all branch secretaries to collect data on teachers who had submitted their higher qualification credentials to the TSC for promotion. Read more details here: KNUT to collect data for teachers with higher qualifications ahead of Friday’s meeting with TS… […]


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