KNBS kicks off training of ICT Supervisors, Enumerators and Content Supervisors in readiness for Census

    A 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census data clerk. This year's Census was conducted between August 24th and 31st.
    A 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census data clerk. This year's Census was conducted between August 24th and 31st.

    The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, KNBS, has kicked off the training of recruited personnel who will oversee the August Population and Housing Census. According to KNBS Chair Peter Kiguta, Training of Trainers, ToTs, started on July 15.

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    “To ensure that this process is seamless, the training phase of the enumeration personnel kicked off on Monday 15th July 2019, with the Training of Trainers (ToT) in Machakos County. ICT supervisors, content supervisors and enumerators will also undergo training up until 20th August 2019, a few days shy of the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census enumeration,” said Kiguta.

    Kiguta said KNBS recruited 2,700 ICT Supervisors, 27,000 Content Supervisors and 135,000 Enumerators for the upcoming Census exercise.

    ICT Supervisors will train Content Supervisors who will then train Enumerators for this year’s paperless census activity. In a break from the past, this year and for the first time, the exercise will be digital and tablets will be used to collect Census data.

    Those recruited were taken through rigorous interviews; that included both written and oral interviews. Most of those absorbed will work in their backyards since they understand the areas better.
    “A case in point was at the oral interview, the candidates were required to present their original certificates, testimonials and National Identity cards for verification. Presentation of photocopy IDs and certificates saw many lose to other candidates who strictly adhered to the rules,” he added.

    The local chiefs and their assistants played a key role in the recruitment process so as to ensure only locals were recruited. In fact it is them who received the applications and gave recommendations on suitability of candidates.

    “The County Census Committees were expected to consult with local leaders, chiefs, village elders and assistant chiefs to certify that those recruited were from the specific areas they will be deployed to. Furthermore, for transparency and accountability, personnel details of the successful persons were vetted for approval at the county level and at the headquarters in Nairobi,” Kiguta further explained.

    According to the agency, on the Reference Night (24th August, 2019) enumerators will visit houses that have already been mapped out into Enumeration Areas. They have been recruited from the counties and wards where they come from through county census committees. Enumerators will therefore be familiar to residents. They are in the process of being trained to ensure that they will be well prepared and capable to carry out this important national exercise.

    At each household, enumerators will seek information from the head of the households using a questionnaire which is divided into 8 sections: population characteristics, disability, education, labour force, ICTs, agriculture, housing and amenities, household assets.

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    1. My Name is Francis Mungai W, ID NO.29777028, my phone no. 0710999340
      And I applied for ICT Supervisors qualified and I even attended written and oral interview. My concern is when is training starting?

    2. The recruitment exercise was marred by corruption, tribalism, nepotism ;preferences,favouritism $ all forms of malpractices/vices. Doubt whether the census will achieve anything since it was more of securing jobs for relatives, friends, colleagues etc that genuinely recruiting the qualified $ those who merited. Was at Kasarani $ the incharge there outrightly told me he wouldn’t recruite me as I was “”Old”” $ should leave the venue $ give the youth an opportunity. Didn’t like it as no upper age limit had been put on the advert.This shows how deep our country has sunk in terms of morals, ethics e.t.c. But woes to them who have created $ developed earthly kingdoms for themselves- The day of judgement is coming $ those kingdoms would be no more. Eternal fire awaits😕😕


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