Inua Jamii Programme- Beneficiaries to get Kshs. 12,000 as Ministry unveils new payment model

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has today unveiled a new payment model of disbursing stipends to beneficiaries of the Inua Jamii programme through their bank.

The Programme is targeting 710,000 beneficiaries who have been receiving cash transfer

“The Choice model” involves opening of new InuaJamii bank account for the beneficiaries/caregivers from the programme for: Orphans and Vulnerable children (CT-OVC). Older Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT) and persons with severe Disabilities Cash Transfer (PWSD) programmes.

Payment will be done by the four contracted Payment service providers (PSPs) namely:Co-operative Bank,Equity Bank,Kenya Commercial Bank and Post Bank.

More than 70% of the payments are made through Bank agencies therefore we are calling on the Banks to observe due diligence and make sure the payments are made to the beneficiaries in cash and in good time.

The New payment model Consolidates Cash Transfer for the three programmes into a single payroll thus enhancing efficiency in service delivery to the beneficiaries.

The payments will be made immediately for all the beneficiaries and will amount to Kshs.12,000 this being payment for the three cycles I.e September-October 2018, November-December 2018 and January- February 2019.


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