How to check Provident Fund (PSSS Pension Balance); Mobile Short Code *378#

Are you a teacher or a civil servant in Kenya? Do you want to calculate and know your pension balance? It is now easy for you to check your Pension/ Provident fund balance by using a mobile short code *378#. You can dial this short code by using any mobile phone subscriber line.

Check your pension contribution by dialing *378# from any mobile line. All that you need is your ID Card Number to login and see your balance.

The Public Service Superannuation Scheme (PSSS)

The Kenya Retirement Benefits Sector falls under the social and economic pillars of the Kenya Vision 2030. The Retirement Benefits system has three pillars; the zero pillar, comprising the elderly citizens (cash transfers); the first pillar, which is mandatory (NSSF) and the second pillar comprising Civil Service Pension Schemes, Occupational, Individual and Umbrella Retirement Benefits Schemes.

The retirement schemes serve among others the following objectives;

  1. Payment of benefits to members on attainment of retirement age
  2. Avail benefits to members on leaving service
  3. Stabilize financial wellbeing of retirees
  4. Provide financial protection to members’ dependants on death in service
  5. Provide disability benefits
  6. Alleviate old age poverty

The Government has operated a non-contributory Pension Scheme hereinafter referred to as the Current Pension Scheme since independence fully financed through the Exchequer. As part of the reforms in the Public Service Pensions’ Sector, the Government enacted the Public Service Superannuation Scheme Act, 2012.

The Act established the Public Service Superannuation Scheme (PSSS) hereinafter referred to as the new contributory Scheme in line with the Policy direction issued by Government through The National Treasury Circular No. 18 of 2010.

The Government directed the conversion of all Defined Benefit (DB) Schemes in the Public Sector to Defined Contributory (DC) Schemes. The objective was to align public service pension schemes with best practice in the retirement benefits industry.

The Public Service Superannuation Scheme (PSSS) will commence on 1st January, 2021.

Download the PSSS Related Documents below:

Circular on Implementation of the Public Service Superannuation Scheme

Public Service Superannuation Scheme HandBook

Form PSSS 1 Beneficiary Nomination

Form PSSS 2 Membership Option

Form PSSS 3 Additional Voluntary Contribution

Public Service Superannuation Scheme Act 2012

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