Going to Arusha, Tanzania? This is all you need to know

    Kenya/ Tanzania Namanga One Stop Border Post
    Kenya/ Tanzania Namanga One Stop Border Post

    Travelling to another country comes with a few mandatory requirements. Top on the list is a passport and yellow fever vaccination. It is prudent that you arm yourself with requisite information so as to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Again, performing some procedures at the Border point is somewhat expensive as the guys there take advantage of the situation.

    Yellow Fever jab

    The Yellow Fever injection is a mandatory requirement before being allowed to cross the border. This injection can be done at the border and it takes few minutes. Below is a sample of the Yellow Fever card that is issued after paying the required.

    Yellow Fever 1
    Yellow Fever 1

    Temporary Passport

    1). First, create an Ecitizen account by visiting https://accounts.ecitizen.go.ke/register/citizen
    2). You will need: Your ID, working email account and mobile number.

    How to get a Temporary Passport

    1). After creating your E-Citizen account, Now log onto the account by entering your correct Email address/ ID No and Password.
    2). Once logged in, click on ‘ Get Service’ under Department of Immigration Services tab. This will enable you to apply for child’s passport, temporary permit and application for a visa.
    3). On the next window, click on ‘Make Application’. Then click on Temporary Permit (For Adult or Child)
    4). You will get the following message;

    Temporary Permit FOR ADULT
    This is an application form for persons over 18 years Only
    You can apply for, Temporary Permit and pay for it online. You can pay using mobile money, Credit and Debit Cards.

    Steps of application
    i). Read the instructions carefully then fill the application form.
    ii). Select the mode of payment and pay for the passport fees.
    iii). Download and print the application form
    iv). Present the Temporary permit with an original National ID for adults and Original Birth Certificate for minors, to an immigration officer to the port of entry and exit
    v). During the submission you need the following:
    a). Download TWO(2) copies of the Temporary permit application and TWO(2) copies of the Invoice.
    b). Applicant in Person.
    c). Original ID card and its Photocopy or Birth Certificate & its copy for those under 18 years.
    d). Two Coloured Passport-Sized Photos.

    Temporary Permit fees: Kshs. 350

    i). Ensure you are using your eCitizen account to apply for your own Temporary Permit. Applications applied on behalf of others will be rejected
    ii). During submission you must come with original documents and photocopies of the same including a coloured passport photo.
    iii). The Passport size photo must have been taken within three(3) Months.
    iv). The applicant should not affix the photo on to the application by themselves.
    v). The applicant should present the application form within a month from the application date.

    5). Next, Select ‘Apply Now’ to complete the process.

    6). Filling up the online application form. Enter your details into the displayed form. Required details include: Date of Birth, Height, Gender, Reason for Travel, Phone Number and Country of Destination. Others are: Physical address, occupation and Next of kin details. Then, click on ‘Continue’.
    7). Now, review your entry (to ensure accuracy of entered data) and Click ‘Submit’ button to finish your application.
    8). Payment: Now, select your preferred Payment method i.e Mpesa, Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card, EazzyPay, E-Agent, KCB Cash, Equity Cash, or Pesalink.
    Once you receive a successful reply from the preferred Payment method. Click the ‘complete’ button thereafter.
    8). Finally; Temporary Permit and invoice Printouts: To print your Temporary Passport, click on the ‘Download, Button. For the invoices, Click on ‘Print Invoice’.

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