The Board of Management, BOMs, oversee a number of functions within an institution. Click here for information on Composition of Members Nominated to Secondary schools’ BOM


The Boards Of management perform the following roles:

  • They promote the best interests of the school and ensure that there is development within the school.
  • Promote quality Education for all learners as enshrined in the Basic Education Act Number 14 of 2013
  • Ensure there are adequate physical facilities within the school: Dormitories, Classrooms, Co-Curricular among other facilities.
  • Advise the County Education Board, CEB, on the staffing needs of the school.
  • Hear and make determination on cases of learners’ indiscipline and present reports to the County Education Boards.
  • Prepare termly comprehensive reports on all areas of their mandate and present them to County education boards.
  • Provide for the welfare and observe the human rights and ensure safety of the learners, teachers and support staffs within the learning institution.
  • Administer and manage schools’ resources.
  • Recruit, remunerate and discipline members of the non-teaching staff/ Support staff as may be required by the institution.
  • Receive, collect and account for any funds meant for the institution.
  • Allow reasonable use of the facilities of the institution for community, social and other lawful purposes.
  • Hear and make recommendations on teachers’ discipline cases as guided by the teachers Service Commission’s Regulations.
  • Participate during the recruitment of TSC teachers.


  • Once constituted, the Board Of Management’s tenure runs for a period of 3 years from the date of appointment. A member shall be eligible for re-appointment for one final term of a period not exceeding 3 years.


The institution’s BOM may appoint the following sub-committees:

  1. Human Rights and Students’ welfare Committee.
  2. Audit Committee
  3. Finance and Procurement Committee.
  4. Academic Standards Committee.
  5. Discipline, Ethics and Integrity Committee.