Admissions to KMTC – Latest KMTC Guide


All students must comply with joining instructions on admission to College.

Admission to KMTC: All students reporting for admission to KMTC must present a letter from KMTC CEO offering them the opportunity to train in the College, the original Certificates, National Identity Card and other documents listed in the joining instructions on the date of reporting.

Registration: All students must be registered on admission by paying the required amount of College fee and completing the necessary documentation.

Course enrolment: Students will be enrolled in the courses they had applied for in their

Departments after registration.

Change of course: Change of course on admission is not acceptable and if necessary, advice should be sought from the Registrar before admission day.

Identity Cards: Students identification cards will be issued to all registered students and should be worn at all times in the Campus

Loss of identity card: Loss of identity card should be reported to the Dean of students but replacement may require the student to pay a prescribed fee.

Discontinuation or deferment of studies: If a student wishes to discontinue or defer for whatever reason, he/she shall write to Chief Executive Officer requesting the same.

Clearance from Campus: All students will be expected to clear when leaving the Campus. A clearance form will be issued and one must ensure all areas are dully signed. Clearance shall be undertaken when and not limited to: –

  1. Upon completion of training
  2. Proceeding on leave
  • Debilitating illness requiring break in training
  1. Proceeding for clinical practice/placement away from Campus
  2. Upon discontinuation or deferment from training

Resumption of Training: Students who have discontinued or deferred and wish to resume training shall re-apply to the Chief Executive Officer.

International Students: International students are advised to make appropriate travel and accommodation arrangements on time before the admission day. Any required support should be sought from the Registrar, the HoD or the Dean of students with regard to pre- arrival, post arrival and/ or personal matters.

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