2019 Wealth declaration; TSC news on online declaration of 2017-2019 income, assets and liabilities

How to file TSC 2019 Wealth Declaration form online for teachers: TSC Guide
2019 Wealth declaration; TSC news on online declaration of 2017-2019 income, assets and liabilities

Section 26 & 27 of the Public Officer Ethics Act (POEA) requires all public officers to declare their Income, Assets and Liabilities (IAL). All teachers are thus expected to fill an online Declaration by 31st December, 2019.


The Commission in 2017 Introduced an online Declaration Portal. This is the portal to be used for the 2017-2019 declarations. Declarations can be made following the steps outlined in the DIALS Manual.


The Declaration Form can be accessed on the Teachers Online Portal https://tsconline.tsc.go.ke/site/index. Please note that you may also access this portal through a smart phone too.


A do-it-yourself instruction manual has also been provided and is available on the TSC website http://www.teachersonline.go.ke under the Downloads Icon, next to the Declaration link. One may also make the Declaration process by following the prompts in the form after logging in.


All Heads of Institutions are required to monitor the progress of the Declarations in their respective institutions and report all cases of non-Compliance as reflected in line with Part B in the Wealth Dedaration Instruction Manual by 31st December, 2019.


(a) All teachers in employment of TSC are required to declare their Income, Assets & Liabilities. These include teachers on:

  • Leave (Of whatever kind)
  • Interdiction
  • Suspension
  • Sick leave
  • Authorized absence from duty

(b). Any teacher in TSC employment who fails to submit a Declaration or gives false or misleading information is liable to a fine of Kshs. 1,000,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding (1) one year or both upon conviction.
(c). It is mandatory for all teachers to have a personal working email address for setting, accessing and resetting individual passwords for the Declaration as applicable. A copy of the submitted Declaration will automatically be sent to the teacher’s email.
All sections of the Declaration must be filled. Incomplete Declaration Forms will be rejected by the system.

Teachers are encouraged to fill their Declarations in good time and not to forestall system congestion at the last minute. The system will be activated with effect from 1st November 2019 to 31st December 2019 to facilitate online declarations.
Guidelines for Declarations are available in the TSC website or visit: TSC Latest News and Documents Portal

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