TSC- You will now be able to track status of your third party deductions from your salary

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has introduced an online feature that will enable teachers and other TSC staff to track the deductions effected on their salaries. The new feature will enable the teachers and staff to monitor the status of third party deductions which include: loans, insurance and Unions’ monthly fee; among others. These third party deductions are effected via the check off system.

In a communique to teachers this week, the Commission informed them of a new feature that it has introduced on its payslips’ online platform. “Dear…. ( name of teacher) Open the TSC online payslip portal to check status of your third party,” reads the message from the Commission for those registered under the TSC Bulk SMS service in the Teachers Management Information System (TMIS) portal.

This new feature will enable teachers to track the monthly deductions, balance, reference account and the status of the deductions. Some of the information here can as well be extracted from the monthly online payslips.

To access this feature, visit the TSC online payslips portal at https://payslip.TSC.go.ke and look out for a new link (My Transactions) under 3rd Parties.

This comes at a time when some teachers have fraudulently lost portions of their salaries to third parties ( Loans and Insurance schemes); without their approvals.

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11 thoughts on “TSC- You will now be able to track status of your third party deductions from your salary”

  1. Am Hastings k.pius. I deregistered from Knut , but deduction was done. Isn’t this a voluntary deduction? Why should I be forced to join a union which am not interested in ? kindly stop this deduction. I will join a union of my choice.

  2. I have tried to stop swas deduction from my payslip but the TSC have not yet stopped,who gave permission for this deduction as I didn’t write any letter to the TSC
    Kindly assist me move out of this group calle swas.
    Waiting for your replyThanks

  3. Patriciah mutisya

    Am patriciah, I took sacco loan which is deducted over the counter and am also deducted in the payslip 2700, now my net salary has gone below the 2/3 rule, av been talking to sacco to remove the online deduction but in vain, what can I do

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