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How to update Teachers’ phone numbers and other TMIS data on the TSC-Online System.

A teacher integrating ICT in the classroom.

Schools are expected to update TMIS data from time to time. TMIS is an acronym for Teachers’ Management Information System. With the continuous recruitment and re-deployment of teachers, it is necessary to update such teachers’ details.

Before logging into the system, ensure you have this data: User Name, Password and other school details like: basic school details, Ordinary enrollment, Teachers’ details, Teachers on Study leave, Subject Enrollment(CBE), Non full Teaching load (due to illness) and KCPE/ KCSE Performance

To update data on TMIS, use the guideline below:

  1. Type teachersonline.go.ke into your browser.
  2. Log into the officials’ page by entering the ‘User Name’ and ‘password’; as given to the principal by the TSC’s ICT Department.
  3. Once logged in, update:


To update the teachers’ mobile phone numbers use the following steps:

  1. On the TMIS home, click on ‘TEACHERS’ tab indicated as 4. Teachers. This opens a list of all teachers in the institution.
  2. Move to the rear right of the window, and click on edit icon under the ‘ACTION’ column.
  3. The teacher’s details will be opened in edit mode.
  4. Enter the verified teacher’s mobile number correctly and save the changes by clicking on the ‘SAVE’ icon; under the ‘ACTION’ column.
  5. Repeat this for all teachers at the institution.


  • update Deployment data: that involves putting a request for a swap by the principal. This is done by clicking on the ‘Add swap record tab’ and then inputting the required data.
  • Entry/ Exit Report: this encompasses updating details of re-deployed, dismissed or interdicted teachers.
  1. Click on Entry/ Exit Report and select Submit Entry/ Exit Report.
  2. In the next window, input reason as either Entry or Exit/ Stoppage, type of reason as: posting, Transfer in or Recruitment.
  3. Enter the TSC Number of the teacher and click on search. The system will automatically display: Surname of teacher, First name, Other names.
  4. Enter the Date of Entry and any other details and click on submit.
  • TMIS Returns. This involves submission of : basic school details, Ordinary enrollment, Teachers’ details, Teachers on Study leave, Subject Enrollment(CBE), Non full Teaching load (due to illness) and KCPE/ KCSE Performance.

This is done by clicking on TMIS RETURNS, followed by ‘Submit Teachers Returns’. Update the following details, on the new window:

  1. Basic School Details: County, Sub-County, Division, Location, Sub-location, Constituemcy, Ward, postal address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Mobile Number, Email Address, Website, Sponsor(Church), Status(public ordinary, Public Ordinary/ Integrated or Public Speciial), Category(National, County, Sub-County,or Extra County), Boys’ Attendance(Day, Boarding or Day/ Boarding), Girls Attendance(Day, Boarding or Day/ Boarding), Number of BOM Male Teachers, Number of Female Teachers and Number of Physical Classes(Rooms available for students’ learning). Then click on SAVE.
  2. Ordinary Enrollment: update the exact number of students/ pupils in each age category, Number of instruction classes for each form/ class and click on the save icon.
  3. Teachers: To add a teacher to TMIS:
  4. Enter the teacher’s TSC number and click on the search icon. The teacher’s ID Number and Names will be displayed automatically. Next, enter the teacher’s: mobile phone number, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Terms of Service(Either Permanent or Temporary), Date of first Appointment(Date when employed), Grade(automatically entered by the system), Date of Appointment to current Grade, Qualification(Doctorate, Masters..), Date Reported to current station, Responsibility(Principal, Deputy principal, HOD, Teacher) Date of Appointment to Responsibility(For Principals, D/Principals & HODs), Teaching subjects, Department, Teaching load(the classes taught and number of lessons per week) and Role. Finally, click on the save icon.
  5. Teachers Special Needs: select teacher and then save the special need(Physical, speech, visual…)
  6. Teachers on Study: involves capturing data of teachers pursuing studies. It is done by:
  7. Selecting a teacher from the list.
  8. Enter the course pursued(KCSE, Driving License or Certificate)
  • Type-in the Start and end date.
  1. Select the study area.
  2. Select the Training mode and click on the save icon; under the action column.
  3. Subject enrollment(CBE): enter the correct number of students/ pupils per class, per gender, for all the subjects offered. Remember to always click on the save icon at the far right side of your window.
  4. Non Full teaching load(Due to illness) . it involves declaration of teachers with less workload than the recommended TSC’s number of lessons per week: this is done by selecting a teacher from the list, choosing the reason for not full load and then click on the save icon.
  5. KCPE/KCSE performance: it involves entering of the respective teacher’s mean for all candidate classes subjects taught; since 2015 to date.
  • Utilities: here, you can change your password(if you feel that the current one has been compromised) of you log out(to secure the data uploaded.

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