TSC County and Regional Directors to appoint and deploy school administrators: Latest TSC Circular

The Teachers Services Commission, TSC, has made changes in the manner in which school administrators are to be appointed. In a break from the norm, the appointment of all primary school and secondary schools’ administrators (apart from extra county and national schools) shall now be decentralized to the counties and regional offices.

Primary school administrators include: head teachers, their deputies and senior teachers. On the other hand, secondary school administrators are: Principals, their deputies and senior masters.

“The commission has directed that the appointment and deployment of of all primary schools institutional administrators  and all institutional administrators for county, sub county and day (secondary) schools be coordinated by the Regional Director.” reads, in part, the latest circular by TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia.


This latest directive is an commandment to the 2017 circular on ‘POLICY ON APPOINTMENT AND DEPLOYMENT OF INSTITUTIONAL ADMINISTRATORS’. In this circular, appointment and deployment of school administrators rested solely with the head quarter.

In the new guidelines, the county director (TSC) has been mandated to identify the number of available administrative vacancies within the county. The TSC head office shall then advertise the existing vacancies. Applications shall then be made online by interested and qualified candidates.

The head office shall do the shortlisting and send lists to respective counties. The Regional Director will then conduct interviews for selected candidates; in liaison with respective county directors. It will now be the responsibility of the Regional Director to appoint and deploy successful candidates.

The regional selection panel shall have the regional director (who shall be the chair), the host county director (secretary), the host county Human Resource Officer and all other county directors from the region.

Similarly, the county selection committee shall be composed of: the county director (chairperson), host sub county director (secretary), the county Human Resource Officer and all other sub county directors from the county.

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The regional director will be fully in charge of the whole exercise.

“This (appointment and deployment of school administrators) is a sensitive assignment that requires your individual supervision and coordination. You are expected to ensure that the exercise is carried out in a transparent and accountable manner.” reads the riot act by the TSC boss to all regional directors.



To see what each teacher will pocket starting from July 2020, visit each of the links below for complete tables per job group:



The new guidelines have also outlined the numbers of administrators required for each school category. A single streamed school (both primary and secondary) is supposed to have one school head/ principal, deputy and senior teacher/ master. A primary school with 10 streams and a maximum of 4,000 learners shall have one head teacher, 2 deputies and 8 senior teachers.

A secondary school with 12 streams and a maximum of 2,100 students will have one principal, 2 deputies and 9 senior masters.

The minimum workload of a primary school teacher will be 35 lessons per week while t a secondary school teacher will handle a minimum of 27 lessons per week.

Where there are 2 deputy deputies, one shall be in charge of academics while, the other taking charge of administrative responsibilities.

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The commission has also listed all the qualifications and experience required for one to ascend to any of the administrative responsibilities.

The new changes took effect from February 13, 2020.