The Teachers Service Commission is a Constitutional Commission established under Article 237 of the Constitution.
Pursuant to its mandate, the Commission is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the posts of Curriculum Support Officers in line with provisions of the CAREER PROGRESSION GUIDELINES FOR TEACHERS.

Interested candidates, who meet the required qualifications, should make their applications online through the TSC Web site– www.teachersonline.go.ke so as to be received on or before 17th September, 2019.

Please note that manual applications will not be considered;

Advert No. 12/2019 : Curriculum Support Officers (T-Scale 11) (D1) – 164 Posts

Shortlisted candidates will be required to present the following VALID documents during the interview;
1). Certificate of Good Conduct.
2). Clearance Certificate by Higher Education Loans Board.
3). Clearance Application from EACC.
4). Clearance Certificate from a Credit Reference Bureau.
5). KRA Tax Compliance Certificate.

Teachers Service Commission is an equal opportunity employer and persons with disabilities (PWDs) are encouraged to apply.

For details on the Job Description, Requirements for Appointment and Duties & Responsibilities applicants are asked to refer to the TSC Web site ; www.teachersonline.go.ke


i. Be a Kenyan Citizen;

ii. Be a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Education;

iii. Master of Education degree will be an added advantage;

iv. Must have served satisfactorily for a minimum period of three (3) years as a Senior Graduate teacher and was converted to C5 with effect from 1st July, 2017;

v.Must have nine (9) years of relevant work experience in Education;

vi. Must have demonstrated Subject content mastery, competence and ability as a classroom teacher;

vii. Proven track record on performance on the teaching – learning process;

viii. Must have excellent planning and organizational skills;

ix. Must have excellent analytical and conceptual skills;

x. Must have strong communication skills;

xi. Must have strong commitment and self-drive;

xii. Must demonstrate strong interpersonal skills;

xiii.Must have digital literacy skills;

xiv. A Course in Management or Leadership will be an added advantage;

xv. Must demonstrate excellent Teacher Performance Management abilities.

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  1. This job groups disadvantages those in lower cadres and there seems to be no opportunities love pro.oteddespitemeeting other Qualifications

  2. The application for principals is not going through,there is no list of current stations to choose from,so can’t be sent after filling the personal details.could these adverts be just a hoax?

  3. Hi. Am trying to apply but not able to reach to my current station starting with letter S. I first reached at letter M, second time letter K. Kindly assist me to access my station. Thanx


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