Teachers’ Swap Requests, September-2018, as shared by ‘Nyanza Swop Corner’

File photo: A Kenyan teacher in class
File photo: A Kenyan teacher in class

The following teachers have put up requests for possible Swaps, with interested colleagues:

1. Any Maths physics teacher from kisumu county to Homabay county;
Contact: 0729880623

2. Humanities Swop;
🛡CRE/ Kiswahili – from a school in Homabay Subcounty to any other school with a small students population within Homabay Subcounty or Rachuonyo or Kisii
🛡Hist /Cre from Homabay town to Kisumu County

Both contact 0729804932

3. Kiswahili/History from Siaya subcounty to contact
0703 758031

4. Physics/chemistry from Siaya, Rarieda, to Homabay or Migori
☎0716 230 050

5. Biology/ Agriculture: Requesting a swop from greater Rachuonyo to Migori county.
☎0711 360 755

6. Kiswahili/ CRE: Anyone who wants swop to kangundo sub county.
☎0720 025 281

7. English/ Literature: Hi looking for a swap from Rarieda to Bondo.
☎0727 574 231

8. Primary: Anybody ready to come to Bungoma, I go to Kisii primary
☎0707 242 822

9. Biology/ Agriculture: Looking for a swop to Ugunja from Gem.
☎0720 975 175

10. Maths/ Chemistry:
Looking for a Swop from Butere Subcounty to Siaya county,, preferably Ugunja Subcounty.
☎0725 069 875

11. Physics/Chemistry: Kindly looking for a swap from Oyugis area to Kisumu.
☎0724 254 266

12. Biology/Chemistry: Looking for a swop to Kisumu county. I’m in Siaya, Ugunja sub county.

13. Kiswahili/History from Bondo to Kisumu.

14. Maths/ Physics: Looking for a swop to Kisumu from Siaya.

15. Primary: Swop from Bungoma to Kisii primary
☎0707 242822

16. Pysics/ Maths: Swop from Homabay to Kisumu .
☎0714 176027

17. Kiswahili/History from Rachuonyo North to Kisumu West/central/East & Seme.
☎0720 479375

Having any inquiries or Swap request? Email our newsroom for assistance: newsdesk.blaze@gmail.com


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