A teacher working under the teachers service commission of Kenya, TSC, is entitled to a maximum of thirty, 30, days leave. This leave is usually taken during school holidays and shall receive full pay during this period.

Conditions that must be fulfilled before getting an annual leave:

  • The leave must be taken during school holidays.
  • The leave shall not be accumulated to be carried forward from one year to another.
  • An application for annual leave shall only be made during school holidays by filling details as contained in form N.
  • Details on the annual leave allowance application form (N) include:

A. Part I to be filled by the teacher applying for the leave:

    • Name and TSC Nunmber of teacher applying for the leave.
    • Number of days and exact dates for which the leave is to be granted.
    • Current date and signature.

B. Part II to be filled by the Head of the Institution:

  • Number of days recommended, for the leave
  • Reason (s) for not recommending the leave; if any
  • Name, Signature, Official stamp an date.

C. Part II to be filled by the TSC Sub- County Director:

  • Date effective for approval/ Disapproval of the leave
  • Date when the teacher is expected to resume duty, from the leave.
  • Reason for not approving the leave, if any.
  • Name, Designation, Signature and date.

How to apply for annual leave/ Procedure for applying for annual leave:

  1. Obtain the annual leave application form (Form N) from the head of institution.
  2. Fill out details in par I (To be completed by applicant), correctly.
  3. Hand over the filled form to the head of institution to fill part II (To be completed by the Head of Institution)
  4. Pick the completed form and take it to the Sub County, TSC, Director to fill part III (To be completed by the Sub- County Director).

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