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Recent qualification matches for Euro 2020 turned out to be quite interesting for every football fan. If you want to see Free live score today, just go to our platform, and you will find everything you need.
So, here we will take a look at two more recent matches, such as:
Portugal versus Serbia
France versus Albania

Results of recent qualification matches:

Portugal and France won

The Portuguese team was active and played with energy. Cristiano Ronaldo received quite a mean ‘welcome’ from the Serbian fans, and so the star striker became angry and did his best to beat the team from Belgrad. However, he had bad luck and didn’t score at once. Almost after an hour, William Carvalho and Gonçalo Guesdes scored first two goals.

Then Nikola Milenković from the host team scored a goal for his country as well, and the fans were excited. However, Ronaldo had his revenge and scored the goal number three for the team from Portugal. Then there were two more goals – one for each country, and the Portuguese won with the score 4:2. The new coach of the Serbian national team, Ljubiša Tumbaković, had an unsuccessful debut. We’ll see what his results will be like in the future.

Portugal is a current champion of Europe and the winner of the League of Nations. So, it is certainly interesting, what their games will be like in future.
The national team from France is the world champion, and however, they lost to Turkey in June. And now they try not to fail anymore and play like the real champions they are. Finally, the Stade de France saw its favorite home team playing with success during their match with the Albanians. Before the break, the French scored two goals and earned a penalty.

These are the French players who scored:
1). Kingsley Coman scored two goals – the first and the third ones,
2). Olivier Giraud managed to score the second goal – his 36th goal for the national team,
2). Jonathan Ikoné scored the final goal – his first goal for the national team.

The national team of Albania was able to score a goal as well:

Sokol Cikalleshi made a successful penalty kick.
This match is also known for its scandal involving the hymns of the countries. The organizers mixed them up – the Andorran anthem instead of the Albanian one. And what is more, the stadium announcer apologized for the mistake to Armenia, mixing up countries for the second time. 
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