The New TSC Teacher Lesson Attendance Register (TLAR) free pdf

The New TSC Teacher Lesson Attendance Register (TLAR)

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Lesson Attendance Register For Teachers is a document used by the Deputy Head of Institution to monitor curriculum delivery in the school. The form is filled on a daily basis by class secretaries. The data is then populated on a weekly basis and fed to the specific teacher’s lesson attendance … Read more

Maseno University Courses, Admissions, Requirements, Fees, Student Portal Log in, Website and Applications

Maseno University Courses, Admissions, Contacts, Requirements, Fees, Student Portal Log in, Website and how to apply

Universities are the highest learning institutions in Kenya and the World over. They offer training majorly in undegraduate and Post Graduate Studies. In Kenya, the Courses offered in the Universities must be accredited by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services, KUCCPS. It is the same body that selects and places students to higher learning institutions; Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics. To qualify for University placement one must attain the minimum set Mean grade and particular course requirements. Each Course offered at particular university has its own cluster cut off points, though. Most university courses take a minimum of 4 years; while, some take even more. An academic year at the university takes two semesters of three months each. University students get fees loans from various organizations. Top on the list is the Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, that advances both loans and Bursaries.


TOPIC 1.: LINEAR MOTION 1.1: Introduction The study of motion is divided into two areas namely kinematics and dynamics. Kinematics deals with the motion aspect only while dynamics deals with the motion and the forces associated with it. There are three common types of motion: Linear or translational motion. Circular or rotational motion. Oscillatory or … Read more

Pangani Girl’s Otieno Juliet beats boys to lead in the 2018 KCSE exams. See the list of the top 2018 KCSE candiates

Pangani girl’s Otieno Juliet is the top candidate at this year’s (2018) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. While announcing the results at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) today, Education cabinet Secretary, Dr Amina Mohammed, congratulated Pangani Girls for producing the top candidate in the country for the second year running. Here … Read more