Mount Kenya University, MKU, and Telkom Kenya sign partnership to enhance the university’s Open and Digital learning programs

Mount Kenya University, MKU, premises
Mount Kenya University, MKU, premises

Mount Kenya University and Telkom Kenya Limited has entered into an MoU which is set to enhance MKU Open and Digital learning (ODEL). 
 The MoU signing ceremony which was witnessed by many took place at Telkom Offices in Nairobi and was spearheaded by Mr. Kris Senanu, Managing Director, Telkom Enterprises Division and Prof. Stanley W. Waudo, Vice-Chancellor Mount Kenya University 

Mount Kenya University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stanley Waudo, MKU Vice-Chancellor exchanges signed MoU with Mr. Kris Senanu, Managing Director, Telkom Enterprise Division  

 The MoU is set to benefit both MKU staff and students with the following outlined benefits:

  1. Reduce the huge surfing costs associated with the use of online portals 
  2. Enhance connectivity for the Open and Distance Electronic Learning (ODEL) and Distance, Institution-Based Learning Programmes
  3. MKU students and staff with registered Telkom lines will also enjoy discounted call rates when calling to Telkom lines
  4. MKU Campuses across Kenya will be interconnected using Telkom fiber solution
  5. Enhanced Video and Content transmission through Telkom Enterprise Connectivity

MKU has embraced online education through her Open, Distance and electronic Learning. MKU has both digital learning and Distance, Institution -based and e-learning modes of study that use a web-based  platform.  
 Through Telkom Lines students and staff will be able to connect to online learning / teaching portals. This, coupled with subsidized connection to MKU ODEL portals, will enable students to affordably access learning materials online
 What are some of the things students do on the ODEL portal?

  1. Access academic resources through their mobiles, tablets and PCs. 
  2. Students are able to interact with lecturers online 
  3. Conduct Video Chats with Lectures and participate in Chat forums
  4. Submit Continuous Assessment Tests 
  5. Research 

“ ICT has increasingly become a key enabler in today’s global village.  In this regard, the ICT driven learning at MKU using the Telkom Partnership will supplement the University teaching and learning infrastructure. It will create virtual laboratories and classrooms with enhanced teacher-learner interaction.” Said Prof. Stanley Waudo.
​Telkom will improve communication and unlimited access to online resources over 15,000 students who are currently in the two modes of study and we anticipate to increase the number as universities globally embrace digital learning.

Source: MKU news

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