Maseno down Ambira to lift the Maseno Open Basketball title

Maseno Boys lifted the 2019 Maseno Open Boys’ basketball trophy after overcoming fierce opposition from Siaya’s Ambira boys. Playing at their own backyard and buoyed by a large fan base, the home side ( Maseno Boys) lived up to expectations; thumping Ambira 36 points to 25, in a pulsating final played on Sunday evening.

Maseno’s Joseph Murage was the star of the match after scoring 20 points for the home side. The 2018 Nyanza Region Secondary Schools’ basketball boys’ winners, Ambira, led in the first quarter but got the going tough in the second, third and fourth quarters; as Maseno recovered to clinch victory.

The two day event that was staged at Maseno Boys saw various teams compete in such disciplines as: Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball and Racquet games.

Teams will now focus on the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association, KSSSA, games with grassroots slated for this coming week. The Nyanza Regional championship in basketball is expected to be explosive with holders, Ambira, Maseno school, Agoro Sare, Kisii School and Cardinal on most fans’ lips as being the top contenders. But, these teams have to win their respective Counties’ championships first before competing at the Regionals. Nyanza shall have its regional term one games at Homa Bay School, in Homa Bay County, with winners booking tickets to the National games; at Shimo La Tewa High school in Mombasa.

Apart from basketball, term one games shall also feature: Hockey, Rugby 7’s & 15’s, Handball, Athletics and Cross Country.

It has been an action packed weekend; in matters sports, as teams took to the fields to compete at various tournaments across the country.


Finalists and Winners

Riyabu 1(3)-1(0) Kadika Girls

winners – Asumbi TTC
Runners up – Mirogi Girls

Kereri Girls

Asumbi Girls 30-18 Itierio Girls

Asumbi TTC

Msare 15-5 Kegati

Collated Maseno Open Basketball Results

🏀Maseno University 31 vs 06 Kaimosi TTC
🏀 Koru 08 vs 06 Achego
. 🏀Maseno University 40 vs 03 Achego
🏀 Kaimosi TTC 22 vs 15 Koru
🏀 Kaimosi TTC 04 vs 02 Achego
🏀 Maseno University 40 vs 03 Koru.


  1. Maseno University
  2. Kaimosi TTC
  3. Koru Girls
  4. Achego

🏀 Rich Kids 23 vs 16 Kaimosi TTC
🏀 Maseno Old Boys 12 vs 19 Wazee
🏀 Maseno University 32 vs 09 Kaimosi TTC
🏀 Wazee 21 vs 16 Kaimosi TTC
🏀 Maseno Old Boys 00 vs 20 Rich Kids
🏀 Rich Kids 15 vs 18 Wazee
🏀 Maseno University 28 vs 11 Maseno Old Boys
🏀 Maseno University 10 vs 13 Rich Kids
🏀 Kaimosi TTC 20 vs 00 Maseno Old Boys
Maseno University 32 vs 17 Wazee


  1. Maseno University
  2. Rich Kids
  3. Wazee
  4. Kaimosi TTC
  5. Maseno Old Boys



  1. Maseno Boys B 18 vs 41 Ambira Boys
  2. Ngere 14 vs 09 Cardinal Otunga
  3. Ambira 28 vs 08 Maseno Boys C
  4. Maseno Boys B 10 vs 19 Ngere
  5. Cardinal 29 vs 04 Maseno Boys C
  6. Maseno Boys B 17 vs 07 Maseno Boys C
  7. Ambira 21 vs 12 Ngere
  8. Maseno Boys B 14 vs 23 Cardinal Otunga
  9. Ngere 17 vs 02 Maseno Boys C
  10. Ambira 21 vs 17 Cardinal.


  1. Ambira Boys
  2. Ngere
  3. Cardinal
  4. Maseno Boys B
  5. Maseno Boys C

🏀 Maseno Boys A 43 vs 07 Butula
🏀 Chulaimbo 11 vs 05 Otieno Oyoo
🏀 Maseno Boys A 28 vs 02 Chulaimbo
🏀 Butula 35 vs 05 Otieno Oyoo
🏀Maseno Boys A 20 vs 00 Otieno Oyoo
🏀 Chulaimbo 08 vs 19 Butula


  1. Maseno Boys A
  2. Butula
  3. Chulaimbo
  4. Otieno Oyoo.

🏀 Ambira Boys 31 vs 08 Butula
🏀 Ngere 07 vs 29 Maseno.

🏀 Maseno Boys A 36 vs 25 Ambira Boys


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