• Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

    List of activities banned in schools between January and March 2021 by the Government

    Education cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha. He has turned a request for the government to supplement fees for learners in private schools.

    The Kenyan Government has banned a number of activities in schools for a period of three months; between January and March 2021. This is in a bid to curb spread of the spread of the Corona virus disease among learners as schools fully reopen for the first time.

    Top on the list of banned activities is all non-essential visits to schools by parents and guardians. President Uhuru directs that the parents and guardians should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances – in fidelity with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education; with all visitors to schools being registered in the school records and being subject to all infection prevention protocols.

    The government has also suspended all extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, music and prize giving days, involving more than one school. The activities remain suspended for the next 90 days. All exchange visits between schools shall remain prohibited for the same period. This means that the earliest that schools will have co-curricular activities is in third term of 2020 (May 2021).

    With term 3 of 2020 kicking off on May 5, 2021 to July 16, 2021 (for seven weeks only) it will be practically impossible to hold these activities.

    It is a relief though for the aged teachers and those with re-existing conditions. To cushion aged teachers, Uhuru ordered that Teachers and other Staff who are aged 58 years or above, or who have pre-existing conditions, shall deliver on their duties through remote means or by holding their classes/lessons in open spaces with natural flow of air. The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, had earlier asked the teachers to work from home.

    All schools shall ensure that they have adequate hand-washing stations corresponding to their student population, in line with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education; schools experiencing water problems must ensure that there is adequate availability of hand sanitizers for both the students and the teachers.

    Masks will be mandatory in schools with the Head of State directing that Teachers and Students to wear appropriate face masks when on the school premises or within school transport, in addition to strictly applying hand-hygiene and physical spacing.

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