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    Latest KMTC official contacts for all campuses; Phone numbers, Emails and Postal Addresses

    List of all Courses offered at KMTC and their requirements

    Are you looking for the Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC, contacts for all campuses? Look no further. Here is the list of all KMTC campuses plus their phone numbers, Email and Postal Addresses.


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    SNCampusAddressEmailOfficial Phone Contacts
    1BometP. O. BOX 76 – 20402 Longisa[email protected]739252149/0202008531/0202008532
    2BondoP. O. BOX 473-40601, Bondo[email protected]202584683/0707207841
    3BungomaP. O. BOX 54 – 50200 Bungoma[email protected]0768188210/0768188209
    4BusiaP.O. BOX 970-50400 Busia[email protected]746538142
    5ChukaP.O. BOX641-60400 Chuka[email protected]790286488
    6ChweleP. O. Box 112 – 50202, Chwele[email protected]722325882
    7EldoretP. O. BOX 520 30100, Eldoret[email protected]053-20613530700108164
    8EmbuP. O. BOX 923 -60100 Embu[email protected]068-2230518/0791573515
    9GarissaP. O. BOX 167- 70100 Garissa[email protected]046-2103054/0715623150
    10GatunduP. O. BOX 770-01030, Gatundu[email protected]797645717
    11Homa BayP.O BOX 512-40300 Homa Bay[email protected]059-22575/202416914/0732502032
    12ImentiP.O BOX 111-60206, Imenti[email protected]202416914
    13IsioloP.O BOX 844-60300 Isiolo[email protected]792307336
    14ItenP.O. BOX 103-30700 Iten[email protected]0797527670/0202103103
    15KabarnetP. O. BOX 401 – 30400 Kabarnet[email protected]053-21151, 0202414122
    16KakamegaP. O. BOX 535-50100 Kakamega[email protected]056-20332
    17KangundoP. O. BOX 1121-90115, Kangundo[email protected]110068647
    18KapkatetP. O. BOX 35-20214 Kapkatet[email protected]772383228/0774383228
    19KapenguriaP. O. BOX 576-30600 Kapenguria[email protected]717346474/0207855985
    20KaptumoP.O. BOX 149-30304 Kaptumo[email protected]700887843
    21KarenP. O.BOX 24921, Nairobi[email protected]020-2055687
    22KaruriP. O. BOX 765-00219 Karuri[email protected]208018399/0795542643
    23KilifiP. O. BOX 95-80108, Kilifi[email protected]041-7522476/0797129320
    24KisiiP. O. BOX 1165-40200 Kisii[email protected]0721793747, 058-2030568
    25KisumuP.O. BOX 1594-40100 Kisumu[email protected]020-2330265
    26KitaleP.O.B0X 3187-30200, Kitale[email protected]020-3503235
    27KituiP.O BOX 711, Kitui[email protected]721395636
    28KombewaP.O. BOX 11 – 40102, Kombewa[email protected]784820887
    29KuriaP.O. BOX 41-40413 Kuria[email protected]202584613
    30KwaleP.O. BOX 324-80403 Kwale[email protected]110097319
    31Lake VictoriaP.O. Box 2268-40100 Kisumu[email protected]759061689
    32LamuP.O. BOX 28 Mokowe-Lamu[email protected]769912286
    33LodwarP.O. BOX 126-30500 Lodwar[email protected]020-8018398
    34LoitoktokP.O. BOX 101-00209 Loitokitok[email protected]045-622030,
    35LugariP.O. BOX 156 – 30106, Turbo[email protected]044-21918
    36ManzaP. O. BOX 837-9100 Machakos[email protected]798931792
    37ManderaP. O. BOX 7, Mandera[email protected]711872244
    38MakinduP. O. BOX 127-90138, Makindu[email protected]110003423
    39MakueniP. O. BOX 198-90300 Makueni[email protected]806037168
    40MachakosP.O. BOX 837-9100 Machakos[email protected]044-2221305
    41MathareP. O. BOX 46028-00100 Nairobi[email protected]020-2391315
    42MbooniP. O. BOX 153-90133, Tawa Makueni[email protected]714297888
    43MeruP. O. BOX 1484-60200 Meru[email protected]064-3132537
    44MigoriP. O. BOX 58-40400 Migori[email protected]721558756
    45MoloP. O. BOX 426-20106, Molo[email protected]706239458
    46MosoriotP. O. BOX 1251-30300 Mosoriot[email protected]700817357
    47MombasaP. O. BOX 87946-80100 Mombasa[email protected]0723453139/0722429208
    48Murang’aP. O. BOX 888-10200, Murang’amurang’[email protected]060-2030243
    49MwingiP.O. BOX 232-90400  Mwingi[email protected]0723359440/0732405209
    50NakuruP. O. BOX 110-20100 Nakuru[email protected]051-2211905
    51NyahururuP. O. BOX 1037-20300, Nyahururu[email protected]715314907
    52NyamacheP.O. BOX 52-40203 Nyamache[email protected]780217946
    53NyamiraP. O. BOX 574-40500 Nyamira[email protected]0734596693/0719115521
    54NyandaruaP. O. BOX 751-20303 Ol Kalou[email protected]722835311
    55NyeriP. O. BOX 466-10100 Nyeri[email protected]061-2032564/ 02030036
    56OthayaP. O. BOX 411-10106, Othaya[email protected]110002434
    57Port ReitzP. O. BOX 90219-80100 Mombasa[email protected]020-2023763
    58RachuonyoP.O. BOX 148-Oyugis[email protected]748034396
    59ReraP. O. BOX 16-40139, Akala[email protected]202584613
    60SiayaP. O. BOX 465-40600 Siaya[email protected]057-321148/020-2031819
    61SigogwetP. O. BOX 46-20200, Sisiot[email protected]716268536
    62Taita TavetaP. O. BOX 300-80302, Taveta[email protected]703175257
    63Tana RiverP. O. BOX 22-70101, Hola[email protected]110096924
    64ThikaP. O. BOX 729-01000 Thika[email protected]701446218
    65UgenyaP. O. BOX 13-40614, Sega[email protected]754283897
    66VihigaP. O. BOX 1111-50300, Maragoli[email protected]770477011
    67VoiP.O. BOX 18-80300, Voi[email protected]020-2574902
    68WajirP.O. BOX 670-70200, Wajir[email protected]768335767
    69WebuyeP. O. BOX 734-50205, Webuye[email protected]020-2574902
    70MsambweniP. O. BOX 16-80408, Msambweni[email protected]0736562129, 040-3300233
    71NairobiP. O. BOX 30195 – 00100, Nairobi[email protected]020-2081823/0737352543