KPSEA exams by Knec 2022 timetable, complete guide

Kenya Primary School Education Assessment

Kenya Primary School Education Assessment

28th – 30th November 2022

28th – 30th November 2022

25th Friday November 2022

Number of subjects: *Five ( 5)*

Type: *Multiple choice*


1. Mathematics
2. English.
3. Kiswahili
4. I.S. (Integrated Sciences)
*Home science
*Physical and H.Edu.

5. C.A.S.S. ( Creative And Social Sciences)
*Art and Craft
*Social Studies
*Religious Education (R.E)

Note: *
*Composition and Insha will not be tested* .

*KPSEA Timings*

Mathematics 1hour 20min
English. 1 hour
Kiswahili. 1hour
I.S. 1hour 40min
C.A.S.S. 1hour 40min

* *Students with special needs will have extra time.*

K.P.S.E.A. Final Score


1. *60% -* S.B.A.( School-Based Assessment).

Done annually in the upper primary classes, Grade 4, 5 and 6.

Executed by classroom teachers guided by KNEC. Done in the form of * Projects
* Practicals
* Portfolios
* Oral assessments

2. *40%* – Summative National Examination. Done imultiple-choice questions.

*Placement of Grade Six Candidates Into Junior Secondary School will be based on:*

*Performance of the learner in the Grade six report
* Optional subjects chosen
* Ability to join the day school

*Note* :
1. Students will be informed which schools offer their optional subjects within their proximity based on the guidelines from the Ministry of Education.

2. Junior Secondary Schools will be domiciled in high schools.

3. Grade 7 and 8 – *Junior High School, will be day scholars.



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