KPLC reviews electricity bill rates; here are the new retail electricity tariffs

Kenya Power, KPLC
Kenya Power, KPLC

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has reviewed, approved and published a new set of Retail Electricity Tariff to replace the Tariff Approved in August 2018

The revised tariff is affecting Domestic Customers and Small Commercial Customers only, (Other customer categories like Commercial and Industrial, Street Lighting are unaffected).

The new tariff is effective from 1st November 2018, for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

The revised tariff rates affect energy consumption charges only and do not affect taxes, levies, Fuel Cost Charges, Forex and Inflation adjustment.

For Domestic Consumers, the changes are as follows: –

a). The Domestic Consumer 1 (Lifeline Customers);
The consumption band has been adjusted from 0-10 Units to 0-100 units.
Energy charge has reduced from Shs. 12 per kWh to Shs. 10 per kWh for customers whose band was 0-10 units and from Shs. 15.8 per kWh to Shs. 10 per kWh for customers whose consumption was between 11-100 Units per month.

b). The Domestic Consumer 2 (Domestic Ordinary);
Consumption band has been set at ABOVE 100 units per month.
The energy rate applicable remains unchanged at Shs. 15.8 per kWh.

For Small Commercial, the existing category has been split into two as shown below. –

a). Small Commercial 1
i). Applicable to businesses classified as small commercial whose consumption is between 0-100 units per month.
ii). The energy rate has/been reduced from Shs. 15.6 per kWh to Shs. 10 per kWh.

b). Small Commercial 2
Applicable to businesses classified as Small Commercial whose consumption is between 101-15000 units per month;

i). Their charge rate has remained unchanged at Shs. 15.6 per kWh.

Both DC and SC customers are shifted from 1 to 2 if the average three months’ consumption including the current billing cycle is greater than the prescribed threshold.

Like in the August tariff, there is no graduated billing on consumption. A DC or SC customer will be charged at the same rate (receive same units for equal amount of money) irrespective of the time of vending within the same month.

The rates set are exclusive of the Monthly Pass-through costs, Taxes and Levies. The pass-through costs include Fuel Cost Charge, Forex Levy and Inflation adjustment, while the levies and tax include, VAT, ERC levy and Rural Electrification Program levy.

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