Knec 2020 grade 4 and class 8 exam timetables and guidelines/ instructions

The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, has released the 2020 grade four (4) and class eight (8) advance instructions and timetable for the Learning Continuity in Basic Education (LCBE) assessments.

According to the Council, assessment questions will be printed by respective schools.

Knec Instructions to Teachers

According to the KNEC guidelines, the responsible teacher should ensure that:

  • Classrooms are free from stimulus materials,
  • Learners adhered to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols,
  • Learners are issued with the correct assessment tools as per the assessment schedule
  • Learners read and understand instructions on the assessment tools
  • They collect learners’ work at the end of each assessment session
  • They allow all learners to complete the assessment even if the time indicated has elapsed.
Specific KNEC Instructions to Learners

Knec instructions hold that learners should ensure that they:

  •  Are seated at their desk/table before the time scheduled for the assessment,
  • Write their names on the assessment tool,
  • Check and confirm that each page of the assessment tool is printed,
  • Answer all questions in the assessment tool,
  • Do not leave the classroom until the end of the assessment except with permission from the teacher,
  • Do not take the assessment tools out of the assessment room.

Apart from these general instructions, the examination council has also issued subject specific instructions.


Here is the class 8 assessment timetable from Knec;

2020 class 8 assessment timetable from Knec
2020 class 8 assessment timetable from Knec

And, below is the Grade 4 assessment timetable from Knec;

2020 Grade 4 assessment timetable from Knec
2020 Grade 4 assessment timetable from Knec
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