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Insurance news- complete guide to how insurance works and a list of all insurance companies in Kenya plus contacts

AAR insurance company

How Insurance Works

Have you ever thought about taking an insurance policy but been defeated how to go about it? So how exactly does insurance work? The information below provided by the Association of Kenya Insurers, AKI, can go a long way in trying to help you understand what exactly insurance is;

Insurance cannot prevent something bad from happening. But it helps us recover financially if something does happen to something we value.

When you buy insurance, you pay a premium. This premium joins a pool of premiums from other policy holders. The money from this pool is what is used to pay you if the insured event occurs and you claim from the insurance company. The risk is therefore spread among a large group of people.

Insurance Companies also need insurance to be able to cover the risks they have insured, this is called Re-Insurance.

Once a claim is lodged, depending on the type of policy you took, the insurance company will come in and assist through rebuilding/repairing, replacing, providing cash settlement or any other form of compensation as per policy agreement.

There are essentially four types of insurance, namely: Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Funeral Insurance.

If your insurer does not pay your claim and you are unhappy with their decision, you can contact the Insurance Regulatory Authority via customercare@ira.go.ke or toll free number 0800724499

Insurance Companies in Kenya

Below is a list of Insurance Companies operating in Kenya as provided by the Association of Kenya Insurers, AKI:

AAR Insurance Company Ltd
George Williamson House, 2nd Floor, 
2nd Floor, 4th Ngong Avenue
Email: info@aar.co.ke
Website: www.aar-insurance.com/ke


Allianz Insurance Company of Kenya 
4th Floor, Cavendish Block-14 Riverside Drive 
Email: contact@allianz.co.ke
Website: www.allianz-africa.com


Africa Merchant Assurance Co.Ltd
2nd Floor, Trans-National Plaza, 
Mama Ngina Street, 
Email: info@amaco.co.ke
Website: www.amaco.co.ke


AIG Kenya Insurance Company Ltd
AIG House, Eden Square Complex, Chiromo Road, 
Email: aigkenya@aig.com
Website: www.aig.co.ke

APA Insurance Company Ltd

APA Life Insurance Company Ltd
Apollo Centre, Westlands
Email: info@apainsure.org
Website: www.apainsure.org


Barclays Life Assurance Kenya Ltd
PO Box 30120 – 00100 Nairobi
Barclays Westend Building, Off Waiyaki Way
Email: barclays.kenya@barclays.com
Website: https://www.barclays.co.ke/corporate/insurance/


Britam General Insurance Company
Britam Life Assurance InsuranceCompany
Britam Centre,
Mara/Ragati Road,Upperhill
P.O. Box 30375-00100 Nairobi
Email: info@britam.com
Website: www.britam.com


Capex Life Assurance Ltd
7th Floor, Galana Plaza, Wind D Suite 01, Galana Rd, off Argwings Khodek 
6th Floor Avenue Office Suites, Ngong Road
Emil: info@capexlifeassurance.co.ke
Website: www.capexlifeassurance.co.ke


CIC General Insurance Company
CIC Life Assurance Company
CIC PLAZA, Mara Road, Upper Hill.
Email: callc@cic.co.ke
Website: www.cic.co.ke


Corporate Insurance Company Ltd
13th Flr, International Life House
P.O. Box 34172-00100 Nairobi
Email: info@cickenya.com
Website: https://www.corporate-insurance.co.ke


Direct Line Assurance Company Ltd
17th Floor, Hazina Towers, Monrovia Street, 
Email: Info@directline.co.ke
Website: https://www.directline.co.ke


Fidelity Shield Insurance Company
Equatorial Fidelity Centre, 5th Floor, Waridi Lane, 
Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands.
P.O.Box 47435, 00100 Nairobi, GPO Kenya.
Website: www.fidelityshield.com


First Assurance Company Ltd
First Assurance House, Gitanga Rd, Box 30064-00100 Nairobi
Email: info@firstassurance.co.ke
Website: www.firstassurance.co.ke


GA Kenya Insurance Company Ltd
GA House, Ralph Bunche Rd, 
Email: atyourservice@gakenya.com
Website: www.gakenya.com


Geminia Insurance Company Ltd
6th Floor, Geminia Plaza Upper Hill
Email: info@geminia.co.ke
Website: www.geminia.co.ke


Heritage Insurance Company Ltd
(A member of Liberty)
Liberty House, Mamlaka Road
Email: info@heritage.co.ke
Website: www.heritage.co.ke


ICEA LION General Insurance Company
ICEA LION Life Assurance Company 
ICEA Building, Kenyatta Avenue
Email: insurance@icealion.com
Website: www.icealion.com


Intra Africa Assurance Company Ltd
Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue
P.O. Box 43241-00100 Nairobi 
Email: info@intraafrica.co.ke
Website: www.intraafrica.co.ke


Invesco Assurance Company Ltd
3rd floor Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Road
Email: info@invescoassurance.co.ke
Website: www.invescoassurance.co.ke


Jubilee Insurance Company Ltd
Jubilee Insurance House, Mama Ngina Street
Email: info@jubileekenya.com
Website: www.jubileeinsurance.com/ke/

Kenindia Assurance Company Ltd
Kenindia House, Loita Street
Email: kenindia@kenindia.com 
Website: www.kenindia.com


Kenya Orient Insurance Company Ltd

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Ltd
Capitol Hill Towers, 6th Floor 
Cathedral Road, Nairobi 
Email: customerservice@korient.co.ke
Website: www.korient.co.ke


Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company 
Chester House, Koinange Street
Email: kai@kenyanalliance.com
Website: www.kenyanalliance.com


Liberty Life Assurance Company Ltd
Liberty House, Processional Way. 
P.O. Box 30364-00100, Nairobi, Kenya. 
Email: csc@libertylife.co.ke
Website: www.libertylife.co.ke


Madison Insurance Company Ltd
Madison Insurance House, Upper Hill Road
Email: Madison@madison.co.ke
Website: www.madison.co.ke


Mayfair Insurance Company Ltd
Mayfair Centre, Ralph Bunche Road
Email: info@mayfair.co.ke
Website : www.mayfair.co.ke

Metropolitan Canon Life Insurance Company Ltd
Canon Assurance Ltd
Gateway Business Park, Block D,
Mombasa Road
Email: clientservice@metcanon.co.ke
Website: https://metcannon.co.ke


The Monarch Insurance Company Ltd
664 Ole Nguruone Avenue, off James Gichuru Road, Lavington
Email: info@mornachinsurance.co.ke
Website: www.monarchinsurance.co.ke


Occidental Insurance Company Ltd
7th Floor, Crescent Business Centre -Cresent Road,
Parklands, Opposite M.P Shah Hospital
Email: enquiries@occidental-ins.com
Website: www.occidental-ins.com


PACIS Insurance Company Ltd
Centenary House, 2nd Floor
Off Ring Road, Westlands
Email: customercare@paciskenya.com
Website: www.paciskenya.com


PMUA Kenya 
The Mirage, Tower 1, 7th Floor,
Chiromo Road
Email: infoke@mua.co.ke


Pioneer Life Assurance Company Ltd
Pioneer Life Assurance Company Ltd
Pioneer House, Moi Avenue
Email: info@pioneerassurance.co.ke
Website: www.pioneerassurance.co.ke


Prudential Assurance Company 
5thNgong Avenue Office Suites,5th 
Ngong Avenue off Ngong Road
Email: info@prudentiallife.co.ke
Website: www.prudentiallife.co.ke


Resolution Insurance
Parkfield Place, Muthangari Drive, 
off Waiyaki Way, Westlands
Email: info@resolution.co.ke
Website: www.resolution.co.ke


Saham Assurance Company 
Ecobank Towers, Muindi Mbingu
Email: headoffice-kenya@sahamassurance.com
Website www.sahamassurance.co.ke

Sanlam General Insurance (formerly Gateway Insurance)
Sanlam Life Insurance (Formerly Pan Africa Life Insurance)
Pan Africa Life House, Kenyatta Avenue
Email: customerservice@sanlam.co.ke
Website: https://www.sanlam.com/kenya


Takaful Insurance of Africa Ltd
CIC Plaza, Mara Road
Email: info@takafulafrica.com
Website: www.takafulafrica.com


Tausi Assurance Company Ltd
Tausi Court, Tausi Road, Off Muthithi Rd
Email: clients@tausiassurance.com
Website: www.tausiassurance.com


Trident Insurance Company Ltd
1st Floor, Capitol Hill Towers, Cathedral Road
Email: marketing.dept@trident.co.ke
Website: www.trident.co.ke


UAP Old Mutual Life Insurance Company Ltd
Old Mutual Building, Upper Hill
UAP Life Assurance Company Ltd
UAP General Insurance Company Ltd
Bishop Gardens Towers, Bishops Road, off Ngong Road
Email: uapinsurance@uap-group.com
Website: www.uap-group.com


Xplico Insurance Company
Park Place, 2nd Avenue, 5th Floor, 
Parklands, Off Limuru Road
Email: info@xplicoinsurance.co.ke  
Website: https://www.xplicoinsurance.co.ke



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