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IEBC list of elected and gazetted MCAs 2022 per County (Kirinyaga) plus votes garnered


IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Articles 88(4) and 177 (1) (a) of the Constitution, section 4 of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011, Sections 38, 39 (1) and (1A) (i) of the Elections Act, 2011 and Regulation 83 (1) (a), (e), (f) (i) and (g) of the Elections (General) Regulations, 2012 the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission hereby declares that the persons whose names are listed in the schedule hereunder were elected as members of the various County Assemblies having received the majority of the votes cast in the election held 9th August, 2022 and complied with the provisions of the Elections Act, 2011 and the Constitution.

And that;

a) The respective Codes to the Counties are listed in the First Column to the schedule.
b) Every County name is listed in the Second Column to the schedule.
c) Each Constituency is assigned a Constituency Code number in the Third Column to the schedule.
d) The names of the Constituencies are specified in the Fourth Column to the schedule.
e) Each County Assembly Ward is assigned a Code number in the Fifth Column to the schedule.
f) The names of the County Assembly Wards are specified in the Sixth Column to the schedule.
g) Every Surname of the elected member is listed in the Seventh Column to the Schedule.
h) The other names of the elected member are listed in the Eighth Column to the Schedule.
i) The elected member’s Political Party/ Independent name is indicated in the Ninth Column to the schedule.
j) The abbreviation of the elected member’s Party /Independent abbreviation is indicated in the Tenth Column to the schedule.
k) The votes garnered by the elected persons are indicated in the Eleventh Column to the schedule.

County Name Constit uency Code Constituency Name County Assembly Ward
County Assembly Ward Name Surname Other Names Political Party Name Abbreviatio n Votes Garnered
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0496 Mutithi Njamumo Jinaro Namu United Democratic
UDA 3,372
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0497 Kangai Wambu James Njiru United Democratic
UDA 5,395
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0498 Thiba Muthura Joseph Kiragu The Service Party TSP 4,826
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0499 Wamumu Njiru Peter Gitonga Jubilee Party JP 4,206
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0500 Nyangati Ndambiri Kenneth United UDA 5,477
Mwendia Democratic
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0501 Murinduko Nyaga Charles Nyamu The Service Party TSP 3,398
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0502 Gathigiriri Ngahu Benson Waweru United Democratic
UDA 2,369
020 Krinyaga 100 Mwea 0503 Tebere Karinga Peter Muthii United Democratic
UDA 8,373
020 Kirinyaga 101 Gichugu 0504 Kabare Mbogo Isaiah Muriithi United
Democratic Alliance
UDA 7,248
020 Kirinyaga 101 Gichugu 0505 Baragwi Mathenge David Munyi United Democratic
UDA 7,437
020 Kirinyaga 101 Gichugu 0506 Njukiini Kathuri Timothy Kariuki United Democratic
UDA 5,522
020 Kirinyaga 101 Gichugu 0507 Ngariama Mbungu Daniel Muriithi United Democratic
UDA 5,507
020 Kirinyaga 101 Gichugu 0508 Karumandi Muriithi Caroline Wanjiku United
Democratic Alliance
UDA 4,834
020 Kirinyaga 102 Ndia 0509 Mukure Muriuki Thomas Mwangi United Democratic Alliance UDA 6,475
020 Kirinyaga 102 Ndia 0510 Kiine Gakuru Geoffrey Murimi United Democratic
UDA 7,268
020 Kirinyaga 102 Ndia 0511 Kariti Kariuki Jeremiah Makimi United Democratic
UDA 5,934
020 Kirinyaga 103 Kirinyaga Central 0512 Mutira Wangui David Kinyua United Democratic
UDA 10,417
020 Kirinyaga 103 Kirinyaga 0513 Kanyekiini Maina Waziri Moses United UDA 8,597
Central Migwi Democratic
020 Kirinyaga 103 Kirinyaga Central 0514 Kerugoya Muchina Eric Muriithi United Democratic
UDA 6,925
020 Kirinyaga 103 Kirinyaga Central 0515 Inoi Karimi Fredrick Maina United Democratic
UDA 6,085



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