How to know and select a good school for your Child-Guide for Parents/ Guardians

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It is the dream of every parent to provide the best education to his/ her kid. It is thus the responsibility of the parent to find a befitting school to the kid. But getting a school that matches the parent’s desire is sometimes a heavy task. At times such factors as school fees and accessibility come into foreplay whenever a parent desires a given school for the child. Nevertheless, the Parent must do thorough back ground study of a school before enrolling the child.

What to look at in a good school.

The phrase ‘good school’ is always at the lips and mind of a parent who hits the road to placing his/ her child in school. Here is a quick guide that will give you a head-start in finding a good school for your child:

1). Physical Structures and amenities

A good school should have structures that will provide your child with the desired comfortability. Atleast, a school should have well furnished physical structures. Other facilities like: Libraries, Laboratories and play grounds should also be put into focus.

2). School tradition and performance

The main reason as to why a parent would want to take his/ her child to a good school is because such a parent desires to see such a child excelling in the examinations. A little analysis of the school’s performance in both Curricular and Co-curricular activities is thus advised. It is prudent that you check on the performance analysis graph to see whether the school’s performance is on a decline or on the right track.

3). The teaching staff composition

A good school should have committed teaching staff. This wiould greatly boost the child’s chances of performing well in examinations.

4). Security and Care

A school should atleast be delimited from the immediate community. This is to curb unnecessary contact with the community. The school, therefore, should have a fence and enough guards (day and night) to safeguard the kids.

5). Sanitation and Meals

The school’s environment should be serene and clean. some schools are set up in noisy backgrounds and this may affect the child’s concentration. The school should at least provide good meals; with a striking balance between quality and quantity.

6). Discipline

Discipline is key to learners’ success in education. A quick glance at the school back yard, learners’ conduct and response would enable one make conclusions on whether the school’s discipline levels are either wanting or just okay.

7). Communication, Support Services and Child Follow-ups

A good school should keep constant communication and consultation sessions with the learner’s parent/ guardian. This enables both the teachers and parent to reach amicable solutions and common ground as pertains the child’s conduct and well being. The school should also have well laid out support services to learners vis-a-vis guidance and Counseling.

8). Exposures

For wholesome learner development, the school should also be actively engaged in learner tours and symposiums.

9). Fees and Other Levies

The school should not be over exploitative when it comes to the amount of fees charged.

10). School routine and other programmes

The school should have well laid down routines and programmes. Important days like opening, half term, closing, visitations and parents’ days should be well planned in advance and communicated to the stake holders; accordingly and in good time.

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