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How to get HELB loan balance statement, compliance and clearance Certificates online

The Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, provides loan balance statements, compliance and clearance certificates to beneficiaries/ loanees. This information can be found online on HELB’s portal. Before proceeding, ensure you are registered for HELB’s online services. See procedure here: How to register and apply for HELB loans online.

Kindly have the following details in order to proceed to the HELB portal for loan balance statement, compliance and clearance certificates: Personal details (Phone number, Date of Birth, KRA PIN, Box number, County, Sub- county, Constituency, ward, location, Sub- location and village/ Estate.

This is how to go about it:

1). Log onto the system at
2). Complete your profile by updating the personal and current residence details.
3). Once updated, you will be logged onto the system and you can be able to get such services as:
i). Loan disbursement,
ii). Loan statement,
iii). Loan status,
iv). Penalty waiver and
v). Compliance certificate

By using this online platform may also be able to apply for various loan products from HELB. You can at the same time review previous loan application reports.


7 responses to “How to get HELB loan balance statement, compliance and clearance Certificates online”

  1. Michael Avatar

    My problem is that my I swapped my number so I want you to update it for me please

  2. Baraka Mwabukusi Avatar
    Baraka Mwabukusi

    His caget loan clearance certificate? Online

  3. Lydia Avatar

    I once get apply for a loan in another institution ,then I left for another without notice,and the loan get disbursed to my first institution. While IAM in second institution,kindly how can they transfer to my second institution??

  4. Edward bii Avatar
    Edward bii

    How can apply helb certificate

  5. Dennis Khaemba Avatar
    Dennis Khaemba

    How long does it take for HELB to update loanee loan statement, especially if payment is made via cheque deposit!?


    Their is a different between my helb loan balance when I check on my payslips and when I use the helb portal. What is wrong please?

  7. Moses wafula Avatar
    Moses wafula

    How will I know I have been allocated for helb loan

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