How to download the 2018 KCPE Result Slips for all candidates

The KNEC portal used for registering candidates for exams and uploading project marks,
The KNEC portal used for registering candidates for 2020 KCPE, KCSE exams and uploading project marks,

The 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, exams result slips can easily be downloaded from the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC. You can download and print all the result slips for all candidates per a school/ examination centre by using the simple steps, below:

  1. Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal by using the address;
  2. Log into the portal by inserting the User Name and Password, as used during the KCPE 2018 registration.
  3. Once logged in, enter the index number of the first candidate under the box labelled ‘FROM INDEX’ and the last candidate’s index Number in the box labelled ‘TO INDEX NUMBER’. Then click on ‘VIEW REPORT’.
  4. The result slips will load. Once loaded, click on ‘THE EXPORT DROP DOWN MENU’.
  5. Select export to preferably ‘WORD’ or ‘PDF‘ format.
  6. The result slips will automatically be downloaded onto your local storage.
  7. To print the result slip, locate the downloaded file on your local storage (Computer), open it and print it.

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