How to create a new WhatsApp group, How to become a WhatsApp Admin, Main uses/ advantages of WhatsApp

Wondering how you can create a new WhatsApp group and become your own admin! Get the details here.

WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing Social platforms, worldwide. Many people have embraced WhatsApp due to its versatility and ability to send a large volume of text rich data and audiovisuals. People use WhatsApp to share information and even fundraise for various activities: weddings, medical bills, funeral arrangements and fees. To use the WhatsApp platform, one must install the application in his/ her mobile phone. The application can be downloaded from the many App stores like Play Store, at no cost. After downloading the App and installation, you may decide to create a new WhatsApp group.

So, how do you create a new WhatsApp group?

1. Open your WhatsApp application, on your mobile phone.

2. On the first screen/ home screen, click on the 3 dots that are at the top right corner, of your WhatsApp’s screen/ window.

3. From the drop down menu, select “New Group.” This opens a new window.. “New Group; Add participants” (Please, Click on ‘2’ to go to the next page of this guide)

4. Scroll through your contacts to manually add contacts you wish to have in your new group; by tapping on the contact’s name or phone number. You can search for the contacts by tapping on the search icon, on the top right corner of your screen. Remember, you must add at least one contact for you to proceed to the next step. You can then add other contacts, later, after creating the group.

5. Now, click on the blue forward arrow at the right side of your screen. This takes you to a new window: “New group; Add Subject.” Type in the name you wish to give the group (The name can be up to 25 characters). An Emoji can be added alongside the group’s name by pressing on the Smiley that is next to the group name’s box.

6. You can also add a group icon/ image to your new group by clicking on the Camera icon, that is located before the group name’s box.

7. Once done, click on the blue tick symbol and behold! You have a new group and you are an admin (Administrator)!

8. Now, add more contacts/ participants to your new group. A group can accomodate a maximum of 257 participants. Watch out for the next guide on how to add new participants, manually or by using a link, how to dismantle the group, how to restrict content sharing and how to remove a participant.


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