How to apply for temporary Importation of Private Motor Vehicles and Foreign Vehicle Permits plus all requirements

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    The Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA, has provided details on those seeking to obtain permits for temporary Importation of Private and Foreign motor Vehicles. Get the guidelines here;

    ‘Pursuant to the East African Community Customs Management Regulation (EACCMR) 2010 (Regulation 136 and 137) and the Traffic Act, Rule 7A (3) the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in collaboration with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) wish to draw the attention of operators of foreign private motor vehicles in Kenya to the following requirements for application of Temporary importation of Private Motor Vehicles and Foreign Vehicle Permits effective 11 January, 2018.

    Prior to applying for a Foreign Motor Vehicle Permit, the foreign operator must have a valid Temporary Importation of Road Vehicles (Form C32) issued at the Border Station.

    To obtain a Form C32, an individual must:
    1). Be a foreigner with foreign identification
    2). Be a Kenyan having a valid work permit or proof of residency in a Partner State
    3). Have the foreign Motor Vehicle Registration Book in his/her name
    4). Have a valid Power of Attorney from the Motor Vehicle owner, in case the operator, is an agent of the owner.

    Individuals without the aforementioned documentation will not be issued with a Form C32 or be allowed operate a foreign registered motor vehicle within the country and any such vehicle will be impounded.

    To make an application for a foreign permit, an individual will requires:
    1). A valid Form C32
    2). Certificate of COMESA Insurance.
    3). Log into
    -Make application under Foreign Vehicle Permit / Licences Tab.
    -Then Apply using Application for Foreign Vehicle Permit

    The initial application for the Foreign Permit will be done upon entry into the country and will be issued based on the following categories: –
    • A paid up foreign permit will be issued to vehicles on tour in Kenya and with an International Circulation Permit tram Country of Origin (Carnet de passage en douane)
    • A free fourteen day temporary permit will be issued at entry points to vehicles entering Kenya with a Form C32.

    No vehicle will be allowed out of a Customs Border Station without the owner/agent being in possession of both a Form C32 and a Foreign Permit.

    On expiry of fourteen days, the applicant will seek extension of their Form C32 and Foreign Permits from the nearest Customs and Border Control Department, Enforcement Division.

    Extension of the Form C32 and Foreign Pemits SHALL not be allowed unless the Customs Officer is satisfied that a justified reason for the extension has been given.

    All operators of foreign vehicles whose vehicles do not meet the above requirements MUST re-export their vehicles with immediate effect and any contraventions will lead to the impounding of the said vehicles.

    For further clarifications kindly contact: Yvonne Odera on Tel-020-2824113 or Email: or
    Jerome Mwaniki on Tel-0709-932000/233 Email:


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