Excitement as the Giant Snake, Omieri, makes return to Nyanza

Omieri, the 'Sacred' snake

The Preserved remains of the legendary python nicknamed Omieri were returned to Kisumu city today, thirty one years after its death hit the news headlines. Elders performed rituals before excited locals were allowed to have a glimpse of the humongous snake. Omieri was highly regarded by the Luos of Nyakach and was believed to bring rain, blessings and massive crop harvests. It died from injuries inflicted by wild fires in the hills of Nyakach.

The debate on Omieri once made a former MP for Nyakach, Ojwang’ Kombudo lose his tempter in Parliament as he demanded to know the whereabouts of its body that had been flown to Nairobi for preservation.

The ‘sacred’ snake was brought to Kisumu for viewing during the cultural festival organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) bringing together 47 counties. The remains of the legendary snake are kept in a cubic glass tank filled with industrial methylated alcohol. 

Ambassador Amina Mohammed, the CS for Education, who was the chief guest at the ceremony said that the Cultural celebrations provide a platform for cultural exchanges, dissemination of knowledge and social practices. “Many thanks to the County Government of Kisumu, UNESCO, KNATCOM and the people of Kisumu for making this day a success. May this mark the beginning of fruitful and educative engagements in future”. Amina said, at the gala in Kisumu today. Ambassador Amina was representing H.E the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, at the third Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) National Cultural celebrations. The theme for this year’s celebrations is, “Enhancing National Cohesion, Identity and Pride”.

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