The High Court has today temporarily lifted the ban imposed by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) on ‘Rafiki’ film to allow it be screened in the Country to fulfill a requirement for an award at the Oscars. The film was to be submitted to the 2019 Oscars Award as Kenya’s entry to the Best Foreign Language film category.

The film was banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) for promoting lesbianism. Justice Wilfrida Okwany lifted it for seven days, during which she has allowed it to be screened to willing adults, only.

Rafiki is a love story of two teenage girls who develop a romantic relationship, which is opposed by their families and community.

But, opposing the lifting of the ban, the chief executive officer of the KFCB Dr. Ezekiel Mutua said the film should reflect the dominant values Kenyan people.

“It is a sad moment and a great insult, not only to the film industry, but to all Kenyans who stand for morality, that a film that glorifies homosexuality is allowed to be the county’s branding tool abroad”. Noted Dr. Mutua

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