What was discussed between TSC and DP Rigathi Gachagua- Latest TSC News


A top level meeting has taken place in Nairobi where govt has demanded that heads roll at TSC and reforms undertaken in the next two months.

Meeting comes on the backdrop of teachers against TSC and its CEO Dr. Macharia. This became a major concern of Kenya Kwanza leadership during the campaigns.

And president William Ruto promised action to reform TSC; STOP DELOCALIZATION and ensure recruitment of teachers in 2 trenches.

This was documented in what came to be known as the Kenya kwanza economic charter.

To this end a high level meeting involving the Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua, EduMinKenya nominee PS Dr. B. Kipsang and a team from the TSC_KE led by CEO Dr. Macharia has taken place.

Sources indicate

1. Rigathi Gachagua has demanded that all teachers delocalised aganist their will be re_routed back to their home regions.

2. Rigathi has ordered Nancy MACHARIA to set in motion plans to re ruit over 58,000 teachers by January next year.

3. Riggy G wants that Tsc Led by Nancy MACHARIA obeys all Court orders that were awarded in favour of teachers in Kenya.

4. Finally Riggy G wants THE CURRENT structure of TPD dropped and a fresh one adopted that will ensure it is paid for by govt.

This will come as good news to teachers in Kenya.

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