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TSC Online Wealth Declaration Instruction Manual (Ultimate Guide)


(Teachers online System)


PART A (For all employees)

Step-by-step Procedure

Accessing the portal

All TSC employees can be users in the Teachers Online Services Information system. It is a web- based system and can be accessed through any browser preferably chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

To access the portal, go to TSC website www.tsc.go.ke, click on online services menu and go to

Teachers Online Services sub menu as shown below:

Step Two: Creating Password

Enter your TSC number in the field provided and click on the Next

Provide your mobile number and VALID e-mail Do not use another person’s e-mail. This is because you will need it for the purposes of:

Resetting your password in case you forget

Confirmation of declaration submission as a copy will be sent to your e- mail upon completion.


Set your preferred password and repeat to Click Next to move to the next step.


Step Three: Logging into the System


Step Four: General Information and Bio data

Read through the general information and click Next

Step Four: Declaring Income, Assets and liabilities

Step Five: Capturing Spouse(s) and Dependants

Capturing Spouse(s) and dependants

Enter your spouse(s) and dependants’ details. Click on the Save button to proceed. One can capture more dependants by repeating the same process.

Dependants’ Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities

Click on the appropriate tab to capture liabilities, income and assets statements for your spouse(s) and dependants. Click on the Add/Save button below each category (liabilities, Income and Assets) to add and save more records. Click on the Next button to move to the next page.

 Step Six: Capturing Other Information


Step Seven: Capturing witness details and Viewing declaration summary

Enter the witness details in the fields provided and click Save.























Click on the view Summary button to view your declaration. In case you need to make corrections, click on the appropriate menu on the left side of the window or use previous button to move back to the page you want to edit. Once you are satisfied, click on the Submit button to complete your declaration. A copy will be sent to your e-mail which you provided in step two (page 5)


PART B (For administrators)

Monitoring Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities

This can be used by administrators for actual monitoring of Income, Assets and Liabilities.

Step One: Accessing the monitoring tool


Step Two: Capturing Reasons for Non-Compliance

Check the status of declaration on the Compliance column to verify




















Give reasons for non-compliance by selecting the appropriate reason in the Non


Click on the Save button at the bottom of the form to


Managing User Password


Resetting Password




Changing Password

System Log Out

Ensure that you have logged out of the system when you are not using it for security reasons. To log out, Click on the drop down Arrow at the top of the right side of the window and click on Sign out menu as demonstrated below.

Please Call 0202892422, 0202892424(Integrity) or 0202892052(ICT) for support.



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