• Tue. Jul 9th, 2024

    Sironga Girls Chief Principal Ever Odhiambo was arrested over exam malpractices in the ongoing KCSE exams. This is after a security officer attached at the school followed one of the candidates to the latrines where she recovered a piece of paper allegedly having the KCSE answers.

    Students involved accused security officers of dropping the paper to use it as an “excuse” to claim examination malpractices. A number of sources say the material retrieved was the one that had been sighted in the neighboring Sironga Girls. They wonder how it reached at Nyambaria school.

    The Principal was later released on a Sh10,000 bond; after recording a statement with the police.

    In a rejoinder, KNEC has SUSPENDED Nyambaria High School Principal Charles Onyari as Center Manager for ongoing KCSE examination. The institution topped in the country during 2022 KCSE exams, which have been subject to parliamentary probe by education committee.

    Yesterday, Mr. Onyari was whisked to NYAMIRA police station where he wrote a statement to the effect. Insiders say a security officer picked a material inside examination room believed to be leakage. It is at this juncture an alarm was raised, leading to actions by KNEC.

    Besides Onyari, KNEC also suspended Gekano and Gekomoni principals over similar allegations. The examination body insist the two principals allowed examination leakage material to reach students. Critics argue that KNEC is targeting Gusii schools due to their good performances.
    They insist that KNEC is harassing and discriminating them despite their progressive performances over time, wondering why “we are usually doubted”. Most Gusii schools performed remarkably well in 2022 and educationists are waiting to see if the same is replicated in 2023.
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